Tropical Storm HAGUPIT/Ruby still weakening

Welcome to Camiguin

Tropical Storm HAGUPIT/Ruby still weakening while slowly moving towards Marinduque. The land interaction and the cold air coming from continental China used up the energy of HAGUPIT/Ruby.

Tropical Storm HAGUPIT/Ruby has now a central pressure of 980 hPa. It is moving est-northwest at 15 km/h. Wind speed near the center is 110 km/h and gusts go up to 130 km/h. Rainfall is still a menace. The 24 hours values are between 20 and 300 mm.

The track forecast becomes more and more difficult because of the multiple land interactions. The Multi-Agency track forecast shows a general direction of the region with the lowest atmospheric pressure. The satellite images do not allow to detect a real center of the storm anymore.

Multi-Agency track forecast

Weather 2014-12-08 Multi-1

Probably the Hong-Kong forecast (red) comes nearest to the real track of the storm.

The JMA track forecast

Weather 2014-12-08 JMA-1

There is still nasty weather to expect within the yellow circle indicating the area of wind speed  fster than 55 km/h.

Camiguin Weather (Agoho Beach)

In Agoho we enjoy wonderful sunny weather with a blue sky and an almost flat, blue sea. A gentle breeze from the sea keeps temperatures just below 30°C.

Weather 2014-12-08 Agoho-1

It’s more fun in the Philippines

Weather 2014-12-08 Google-1 Our world is a sick world. A friend wrote down his observations in his blog. We strongly recommend to read this essay because it perfectly reflects the behavior of many of you.This chart shows that this blog had 30% more visitors during the Typhoon crisis. Someones did read here, because we started to warn much earlier than the government and the press. Someones did look for more information especially about Camiguin island. And someones looked for the thrill …

If you aren’t the kind of tourist that needs a nanny 24 hours a day, if you can improvise a bit and like the unforeseen, if you love unspoiled nature and can survive a rainy day without going nuts, then Camiguin and of course the rest of the Philippines should be on your travel plan for 2015.

With this article we finish our reports about Tropical Storm HAGUPIT/Ruby. There seems to be no more need for warnings. Our eyes go back to the Pacific ocean, where the weather kitchen continues to brew new surprises.


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