No more NAIA Terminal Fee

No more NAIA Terminal Fee

There is no more NAIA Terminal Fee! We have updated our Departure Page accordingly. For many, too many years passengers had to pay the famous terminal fee when leaving the Philippines.

CAUTION: For instance the terminal fee is only included when departing from Manila. In all other international airports you still have to pay this fee at a counter in the airport.

All tickets for flights departing from Manila’s NAIA and sold after February 1, 2015 do have the terminal fee included. During some months there will still be a terminal fee counter for those passengers who bought their ticket before this date. There will also be a control booth where your payment will be verified.

No more NAIA Terminal Fee

Last Friday when we left Manila from NAIA-3, I found this poster all over the airport.

No more NAIA Terminal Fee

Only few countries still require passengers to pay the terminal fee or airport tax in cash, Bangladesh, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Fiji and some more (see here).

The OFW problem

OFWs or Overseas Filipino Workers are exempt of paying the terminal fee when leaving the Philippines to work abroad. As shown in above poster, MIAA management has agreed to maintain this exemption. When buying the ticket at a travel agency or a airline counter, OFWs must show their OCE (Overseas Employment Certificate). Then they won’t have to pay the fee.
If buying the ticket on-line, they first have to pay the terminal fee but can get refund at the MIAA refund counters.

Over two million OFWs annually pass through NAIA terminals and half of those OFWs are balikbayans. This are PHP 1,000,000,000 that have to be refunded by MIAA. Several overseas Filipino workers and migrant groups called on MIAA general manager to respect the law and uphold their exemption from paying travel tax and airport terminal fees. These groups have asked to uphold and respect the law, citing the provision in the 19-year old Migrant Workers’ Act of 1995 exempting OFWs from paying travel tax and airport terminal fees specifically Section 35 of R.A. 8042 amended by R.A.10022.

[Editor’s comment:] Walang problema! MIAA has only to change the signs above the counters from “Terminal Fee Counter” to “Terminal Fee Refund Counter”. It’s still more fun in the Philippines, isn’t it.


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60 Responses

  1. Venus says:

    How come Cebu Airport still require Terminal Fee?

  2. teresita says:

    I’m visiting Manila and will go to singapore and australia, with manila as home base in the course of my visit. Do I have to pay a terminal fee each time I leave for those places?

  3. Jhei says:

    Clark airport still ask for terminal fee ano yon douple bayad na kami! Mla to sg kami

  4. Dindin says:

    My flight will be ceb-mnl-LA.
    I will be paying the terminal fee sa cebu. Will I be paying AGAIN sa terminal fee when I arrive in Manila?

    • waebi says:

      No, terminal fee and travel tax are included in flights from Manila.
      The domestic terminal fee in Cebu is also included in the ticket price.

      • owen says:

        Did I read that correctly? The terminal fee and travel tax are included in the purchase price of the Philippine Airlines ticket from Cebu to Manila and also Manila to LAX?

  5. owen says:

    One more question – I’m a 13A visa holder – what fees (and how much) am I going to have to pay when I get to NAIA prior to my departure for LAX?

  6. waebi says:

    @ owen: Yes, do did read correctly.
    In Cebu the terminal fee is included ONLY for domestic flights. For international flights you still have to pay the exorbitant terminal fee of PHP 750. If you have to pay the travel tax, Filipinos and immigrants, then you also have to go to the TIEZA counter. It costs PHP 1,620 for economy class and 2,700 for business class.
    In Manila all fees and taxes are included in the ticket price.
    This makes it difficult to get refund, if the airline includes the travel tax and you are not subject to pay this tax. It happened to me a year ago with Etihad.

    And yes Owen, you’ll have to pay the travel tax. Please see the TIEZA travel tax page:

  7. joy says:

    My mother will travel to USA from naia under tourist visa. Does she need to pay anything?

  8. jb says:

    HI.. I will travel to vancouver this month. I purchased my ticket online, and this is my return to canada. do i have to pay anything at naia?

  9. Jelly says:

    Nagiiba po ba ang price ng terminal fee kapag papuntang tacloban ? Ano po b yung nklgay sa ticket namin na domestic passenger service charge pati po counter payment. .. .? Thanks

  10. Jelly says:

    Khit bata po b ay same price? Kpag senior at PWD po my discount?

  11. waebi says:

    Sorry Jelly, this website is in plain English language.

  12. Jelly says:

    Oh sorry, does the terminal fee changes its price ? Are senior and PWD discounted

  13. waebi says:

    No, the terminal fee in Manila is PHP 200/550 (domestic/international) but already included in the flight ticket’s price. OFWs can go to a particular desk and get the terminal fee refunded. Senior citizens have no discount. And what is PWD?

  14. Joseph says:

    Hi, I am an OFW. At the moment I’m in the Philippines and next week I will be travelling to Hong Kong for leisure. In 2 weeks I will be travelling back to UAE to resume my work. Question is, will my OEC be valid for the 2 trips i will have? Thank you in advance. 🙂

  15. Mj says:

    Hi, i am just concerned of what i read about departure tax. I will be traveling germany but my first drop s MNLA to Dubai, will i pay any fee or tax from that point?

  16. Christian Torrejos says:

    Hi. I bought two tickets for my May 2016 trip to Manila. I don’t know if I am correct. But base on what my other friends have told me if I bought a round way ticket, I only have to pay for one terminal fee (here it’s in Davao). But since I bought one way tickets (DVO – MNL) and then another separate ticket (MNL-DVO). So really my question is will I pay both terminal fee – in Davao and Manila? Thanks.

  17. Janine says:

    Ask ko lg po. . Bakit po nung nagcheck in ako travel tax lg pinabayaran saken. . San po ba binabayaran ung airport feemm

  18. Erwin says:

    Hello,we are Indonesians,in July 2016, we will visit Manila from KL and fly to Cebu from Manila ,and we will fly back from Cebu to Kuala Lumpur.How much should we pay for the terminal fee per person?Thank you

    • waebi says:

      Hello Erwin,
      For the flight from MNL to CEB you won’t have to pay any taxes or fees. They are included in the ticket price.
      But for your flight from CEB to KUL you’ll have to pay 750 Pesos per ticket at the terminal fee counter in Mactan-Cebu Airport.
      Regards, waebi

  19. Erwin says:

    Thank you for your kind reply ,Waebi

  20. Mylene Manalo says:

    I am an OFW who departed from the Philippines last May 21, 2016 via China Southern Airlines with flight no. CZ 3092 at 12:00 bound to Dubai (with China stopover). I have missed to refund my terminal fee in which I am entitled off. The airline did not give me any form or advise to refund as the way cebu pacific did during my previous travel.

    Is there any possibility for me to still refund through a representative who’s travelling here? What are the documents you require?

  21. Den says:

    Do MNL-SIN via Cebu Pacific has terminal fee too? Thank you.

  22. Shaza says:

    A bit confused, bought ticket online via ebookers travelling from LHR to MNL. Is this already includes travel tax and terminal fee? It says on the ticket airline entry/exit fees apply but can’t find any further details when clicking the link.

    • waebi says:

      You travel from LHR to MNL. There are no taxes or fees on arrival.
      – – –
      If you return to LHR, the terminal fee in Manila should be included in your ticket price.
      If you are a Philippines citizen, you will have to pay the travel tax when leaving the Philippines.
      Some airlines include the travel tax, and some ones do not.
      – – –
      If the airline ticket and the airline bill are not clear enough:
      To be on the safe side, we recommend to have at least 2170 Pesos in the pocket when leaving from Manila.
      1,620 Pesos for the travel tax (Filipinos only) and 550 Pesos for the terminal fee-

      • Shaza says:

        Thank you. I am still a Phil citizen but holds permanent residency here in the UK. In case taxes are not included yet on my ticket, am I obliged to pay the full 1,620 travel tax? I remember reading something on exemptions and will just pay 250 instead. Please confirm.

        • waebi says:

          It depends on your passport.
          If you have a UK passport, then you do not pay the travel tax if you have stayed in the Philippines for less than 12 months.
          If you have a Philippines passport, or if you have stayed for more than 12 months, then you have to pay.
          – – –
          The 1,620 Pesos is the standard tariff for economy class.
          You may apply for a reduced tax, if you can prove that your parents are OFWs and you are a dependent.
          For more information about travel tax please read:

          This is one of the reasons we call our country “Fee-lippines”.

          Cheers, waebi

  23. Jen says:

    Hi, is terminal fee and travel tax included on my online booking via Cebu Pacific if Im travelling to Singapore?
    So that I no need to queue?

    • waebi says:

      The this depends on the airport from where you fly to Singapore.
      In Manila both the travel tax and the terminal fee are included.
      In all other airports you’ll have to pay both tax and fee yourself.

      Cheers, waebi

  24. Allan says:

    I am ofw in oman my departure is in Clark pampanga airport when I tried to claim my terminal fee they told me only in Naia can get terminal fee refund is it true? Please reply so I can share to my other colleges.. Thank you

    • waebi says:

      Terminal fee should not be included for departures in Clark.
      Only in Manila terminal fee and travel tax are included in the ticket price.

      So you did not pay the terminal fee in Clark.

      Cheers, waebi

  25. Katry says:

    Good day. Im a filipino citizen, I’ll be leaving the country (PH-MNL) at the 29th day of July going to Australia with connecting flight from MNL to Kuala Lumpur to Adelaide Australia via Malaysia Airline. My partner purchased my flight ticket through online at Airbourne Travel and Tours. I just wanna clarify if I need to pay for terminal fee and travel tax once I arrived at the airport(NAIA TERMINAL 1). And for how much? Im just confused on all those informations and comments I’ve seen online. And I have seen something below my printed itinerary/receipt that really made me confused because my partner adviced me to ready a cash for charges . Under the total amount charge stated “(includes fares, taxes and charges)” does this means that I dont need to pay for the above mention fees? Please clarify. Thank you so much.

  26. Joan says:

    Hi im an OFW my husband has a canada visa as a worker thru spousal visa does he need to pay for the terminal fee & tax?he’s leaving on august 20 can he do advance payment before his flight?and how much is the fee’s?thanks 🙂

    • waebi says:

      Hi Joanne,
      As you write in my NAIA posting, I presume that your husband will fly from Manila NAIA.
      Since begin of 2015 all fees and taxes are included in flight tickets for flights leaving
      from Manila. Though no need to pay anything at the airport.

      Should your husband fly from another airport, then the counters for travel tax and terminal fee
      are open 24 hours.

      Cheers, waebi

  27. Joan says:

    Or are they open anytime?coz his flight is 7am so he’ll be there early we’re just thinking if its open at around 4am?i mean the place where he can pay the terminal fee & tax are they open anytime?thanks again…

  28. Joan says:

    His on centennial airport terminal 2…ok then ill just inform him thanks 🙂

  29. Joyce says:

    Hi im a filipino citizen, my husband and i are going to singapore from manila just for a tour. I booked ticket online for two persons.My question is do i have to pay for travel tax and terminal fee? How much? Thankyou

  30. waebi says:

    In Manila both, the travel tax and the terminal fee are included.

  31. April says:

    My son is traveling to the U.S does he have to pay anything at the Airport?

  32. Mary says:

    sa counter ng cebu pacific, kinuha naman nila un OEC exemption number pero d naman nagbigay ng Claim form para sa 550 terminal fee. Naalala ko n lng na may refund nung nakaboard na ko kase may LI sa breakdown ng fees ko. sana marefund pa rin kase sayang din un. di ko alam bakit nakakalimutan nila ibigay sa OFW un refund na un or purposely kaya? Please advise po paano un boarded ka na pero d ka nakarefund ng terminal fee.

    • waebi says:

      Hello Maryrose,
      This is an English language blog. Exceptionally we admit your comment and send you an answer.
      For our English speaking readers we translate your message:
      At Cebu Pacific counter, they got the OEC exemption number but didn’t give a claim form for the PHP 550 terminal fee. I remembered about the refund when I was already boarded because of the LI breakdown on my fees. I hope I can still refund the money. I don’t know if they forgot about the refund or its was intentional. Please advice me when one has already boarded and didn’t get the refund.

      It isn’t the airline staff that pays the refund. In each NAIA terminal you find a MIAA refund counter. Being already abroad and without a now valid airline ticket you won’t be able to go through to one of these refund counters.
      The only possibility is to send all the papers to a relative in Manila and ask him/her to go to the MIAA administration in Pasay City. But probably the cost to go there and the loss of time are more expensive than the lost 550 pesos.
      You may also want to read this:

      Best regard, waebi

  33. Alyssa says:

    Hi i’m a Green Card holder but not yet an american citizen. So, i study here in the philippines and had to go back every year.. I had my flight booked online.. And my departure will be this night at 10pm.. I was wondering if i still have to pay anything at the airport.. I was confused because my mother said i’m not supposed to pay anything anymore.. But some said i still do.. A quick response would be very helpful.. Thank you

  34. Fastcargo says:

    Hi im going to SG this feb i will have to pay the terminal fee and tax ? Thanks

    • waebi says:

      This depends on your nationality, the airline and the airport from which you travel.
      In Manila the terminal fee is included. In all other airports you have to pay between 550 and 750 Pesos.
      If you are a Philippine citizen or a foreigner who stayed more than one year in the Philippines, you have to pay the travel tax.
      Some airlines in some airports include the travel tax, others do not.
      Check your ticket bill. If you find a position with exactly 1,620 Pesos then the travel tax is already included.
      Cheers, waebi

  35. Rui says:

    we’re travelling to SG this weekend, jst wanted to clear if we still have to pay terminal fee on the airport..checked on the ticket but couldnt find anything that says “terminal fee” that included already or not?this is a promo ticket booked months ago. Thanks

    • waebi says:

      Terminal fee is included in your if you travel from Manila.
      There are no more terminal fee desks and controls to see in NAIA.
      Some companies do not include the TIEZA Travel Tax for Filipinos.
      If you are Philippines national, please check if the amount of PHP 1620 can be found on your receipt. If so, you’re on the save side.
      To be sure, I recommend to take PHP 1700 per ticket with you.
      Cheers, waebi

  36. Melchor Banaga says:

    @ Legazpi domestic airport, is it right that they still collect 150pesos as terminal fees?

    • waebi says:

      You are right.
      Domestic flights: Only in Manila and Cebu the terminal fee is included.
      International flights: Only in Manila the terminal fee is included.
      All other airports: YOU HAVE TO PAY THE TERMINAL FEE.

      Cheers, waebi

  37. Cille says:

    Were goin to SG this coming fri.. do we have to pay terminal fee? If yes how much? Tnx

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