Philippines – Fee-lippines – tourists and locals complain

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  1. James Hann says:

    Hi there and thank you for the insight.
    As a “resort” operator and for lack of a better term…”stake holder” in Camiguin, I cannot agree more with you. The level of frustration our most valued tourists endure cannot be measured. We and our staff deal with many many tourists everyday and they all say the same thing….”It’s a nice place but you get nickeled and dimed to death!” They feel mistreated and ripped off. On to many occasions we have heard…”the Philippines is nice but we never should have come here. It’s way to expensive for what you get.” !!!
    This is a common theme and in the end you can’t get by it with “kindness and smiles”….If this country and in particular Camiguin what to truly compete in the tourism industry they have to wake up, cuts the fees out all together and start to COMPETE!!!!! Value for money…simple as that!

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