Philippines Teen Pregnancy – an emotional and economical Horror Trip

Philippines Teen Pregnancy

Philippines Teen Pregnancy! CAUTION: This is a highly emotional article. I’ll attack and defend and I’ll write clear language.

Filipinos and Filipinas are a hot blooded kind of folk. I have travelled on six continents but with exception of Senegal in West-Africa I’ve never met so much promiscuity than here in the Philippines. I write this article because I am a happy father of 3 girls. I am also a proud grandfather of a boy and a girl. I write this article because I want YOU, yes YOU, to open YOUR eyes, to raise YOUR voice. Act and do all you can do against Philippines Teen Pregnancy! Do it now! It’s getting worse every day.

Just two little stories to begin with this topic:

The sari-sari store

When I came the first time to Camiguin, I did rent a motorbike to explore this wonderful island. Of course I had a flat tire in a remote place and of course there had been a sari-sari store. A young girl of maybe 15 or 16 years ran the store. I asked for a possibility to repair the bike, when her father came in front. He immediately called some guys to repair my tire. While I was waiting, the store owner asked me, if I wouldn’t like to have little adventure with his daughter. He even told me that there was a bed in the back of the shop. I declined with a smile and ordered a beer.
After maybe 15 minutes a jeepney stopped. The cashier guy standing on the back of the jeepney had his penis peeping out of his jeans. He also ordered a beer and told everybody that he needs now urgently a woman.
Again a few minutes later, the jeepney driver came with his wife and told me that his wife had an “Itchy Pussy” and absolutely needed a white man – now! He got very angry when I declined. He accused me not to honour his wife’s beauty. That had been a difficult case. But I could resolve it with a simple trick. But that’s another story.

The landlord

About a year later I did rent a small cottage on the beach. My then landlord was and still is a well known person on this little island. He told us several times that he has 8 legal kids with his wife and some 200 illegal ones with women all around the island. There are many more stories of this kind, but this would go off-topic.


Twice I had been in remote regions of the Philippines where people still live naturally – meaning naked or almost naked. None of these young beautiful creatures was pregnant. Maybe because they already as kids had learned where the kids come from. Of course I won’t tell where I had been. It’s been in the far north and in the central south.  Unfortunately this natural behaviour went lost. Now the Pinoys and Pinays live in between the fronts. On the one side you can see such signs in many places:

 Currently to be seen at Kabila White Beach in Cantaan, Camiguin

Philippine Morality

Or “prevention” campaigns like this:

Philippines Teen Pregnancy: PreventionCurrently to be seen in Cagayan de Oro City

And on the other hand there are official beauty and sexy contests:

Philippines Teen Pregnancy: Sexy Body - Agoho 2008Photo from the beach in Agoho, Camiguin. Fiesta 2008.

Philippines Teen Pregnancy – what happened in 1998?

What happened in 1998? During my research work I also consulted the statistical database of the World Bank. The data clearly shows a change of the trend around 1997/1998.

World Bank Philippines 1998

Since begin of the recording of the statistical data about adolescent pregnancy in 1960, the rate decreased. But the trend changed in 1997/1998. I first thought of the Internet. The Philippines were linked to the Internet since 1994. But the opening of the WWW came much later.
So, what happened else in those years in the Philippines? On June 30, 1998, Joseph Esterad  became president and Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo became Vice-President. I don’t found any evidence that Erap had any influence on adolescent pregnancy.
Maybe it had been television. Series like “Campus Romance on GMA” or “Magandang Tanghali Bayan on ABS-CBN” could have had an influence. Magandang Tanghali Bayan had every day a  pageant contest for beautiful girls aged 15 to 21 years old. In the daily rounds, contestants paraded the MTB stage wearing a two-piece bikini/swimsuit while the weekly/monthly finals the pageant transforms into a more formal portion, with a grand “themed” opening number featuring contestants in various costumes, but still retaining the swimsuit portion. The grand coronation of “Calendar Girls” airs usually on the first week of January, featuring all the monthly winners of the past year who will vie for the title.
The said portion gained notoriety, where the contestants were subjected to double-meaning questions and jokes thrown by main hosts Randy, John and Willie Revillame. After their suspension, the daily contests was toned down, with the contestants wearing a cloth around their waists to cover the lower portion of their body. If you know more, please send us a comment.

In 2014 we already had been back on the same level of  “Philippines Teen Pregnancy” as in 1968! Something went awfully wrong.

Philippines Teen Pregnancy – who guides the kids?

1st Society

Society meaning parents, relatives, peers and community have a big influence on young people. Parents and maybe relatives should early and clearly inform the kids about sexuality. But what can you expect when parents do know nothing and produce one kid after the other. Or worse when the parents and relatives fuck anybody, anytime, anywhere – without any protection.  And there is a well known brand in the Philippines that helps a lot… So it’s probably better to rely on education.

With a little help from Tanduay

With a little help from Tanduay …

2nd Education

Schools and teachers have an enormous influence on kids and youngsters. Teachers could easily explain how children are made. Later when puberty starts, the teachers could also explain how to have pleasure without making a child. This sexual education would cost nothing than a good education of the teachers. In my earlier life we called this TTT – Teach The Teacher. But maybe there are forces that do not want this kind of education.

Sex Education

Photo courtesy of HONG MENEA.

Cambodia has a GDP per capita of USD 1,006.84. The Philippines have a GDP per capita of USD 2,765.08.  (Year 2013). Students in Cambodia get sexual education for free!

3rd Media

Do you watch telly? There are shows on Philippines channels where you hear more dirty jokes in one hour than you heard in all your life before your first show. Have you already seen Jose Marie Borja Viceral also known by his stage name Vice Ganda? He is best known for his stand-up routines, in which he uses observational comedy, situational irony and sarcasm in pertaining to Filipino culture and human sexuality. Or short, where he cracks one dirty joke after the other.
The American stations with their series do not make the situation better. I think of Discovery Channel’s “Naked and Afraid XL”. The biggest porn producer nation on earth shows pixelated pictures.

Naked and Afraid XL

Photo courtesy of Discovery Channel

Naked and Afraid XL

Photo courtesy of Discovery Channel

Have you a social media account? I think of Facebook, Instagram, Flickr or even Snapchat. Funny and sometimes useful, but they also can make troubles …

Facebook Religion

Jesus, the Money Maker. Ask INC … they tell you how to do.

Facebook Girls

She already has 4724 friends. Friends?

I do have social media accounts. Otherwise you wouldn’t have found this article. I also have “FB friends” 223  at this moment. And I admit that about 20% are just political correctness or even opportunity (sorry for the 20%).  But  what does a young girl want with sexy pictures on Facebook? A friend wrote just some hours ago that young girls in his precinct did quit school because they needed more time to post sexy pictures on Facebook and break the limit of 5000 likes.
Please don’t tell me stories about the dark-net. It exists in the Philippines. But the legal Internet is even worse. During my research I used keywords like “Beautiful Filipina” or “Sexy Filipina”. Internet companies such as Google, Facebook and Youtube tracked my inquiries. When I checked YouTube a few minutes ago to see the number of views of my PNR movie, I got this result:
Sexy Youtube

School should not only inform kids and youngsters about sex. They also should teach behaviour on social media. Inform them about the pros and cons of freely accessible medias. This is also a hit against the Philippine Telcos. SMART, GLOBE and derived brands offer free access to these medias for some lousy pesos. Their routers are even configured to pass this social media shit faster than any serious inquiry. Wanna test: Open in your browser a tab for “” and another one for “”. Which one is faster?

Let’s think positive. This short movie went viral on Facebook. Give it 4 minutes of your time.

4th Government

The Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Act of 2012 (Republic Act No. 10354), informally known as the Reproductive Health Law or RH Law, is a law in the Philippines, which guarantees universal access to methods on contraception, fertility control, sexual education, and maternal care.
The Supreme Court delayed implementation of the law in March 2013 in response to challenges. On April 8, 2014, the Court ruled that the law was “not unconstitutional” but struck down eight provisions partially or in full.
The law requires government health centres to hand out free condoms and birth control pills, as well as mandating that sex education be taught in schools.
The problem with the reproductive health law is the same as with the road traffic laws: It lacks of law enforcement!

Non governmental organizations (NGOs) use the medias to launch actions and try to inform the kids about Philippines Teen Pregnancy.


5th Church

Have you read the Holy Bible, the Tora (5 books of Moises) and The Noble Quran? I have! All these original books have one thing in common: They give good practical advices for what belongs to sexuality. Unfortunately the original books had been abused, censored and manipulated by the religious leaders. Try to find original transcriptions of the books. They are worth reading.

The Church

Photo courtesy of


I copy this conclusions from the website Youth Problems in the Philippine Society because they mostly match my own conclusion.

In the developed world, the causes of teenage pregnancy is different in the sense that it is mostly outside marriage and carries lots of social stigma. Thus, adolescent sexual behaviour is one of the causes of teenage pregnancy. In our world today, having sex before 20 yrs is the “in” thing, it is even normal all over the world and this is brought about high levels of adolescent pregnancy which creates sexual relationship among teenagers without the provision of comprehensive information about sex.

  • Lack of sexual education causes teens to get abortions as they ultimately realize their inability to bear the responsibilities of being a parent at such a young age.
  • The lack of attention and affection from family resulting in depression forces them to seek love and support from other people, especially members of the opposite sex.
  • Overprotection gives rise to frustration and a feeling of not being loved and cared for. Thus, balance is the key to avoid this problem. Lack of affectionate supervision of parents or guardians results into the adolescents or teenage girl’s becoming pregnant.

More information about Philippines Teen Pregnancy

Before and while writing this article I read:

Philippine teen pregnancy rates defy trend
Sex Positivity on Valentine’s Day
WHO: PH has fastest growing HIV epidemic in the world
One in Ten Young Filipino Women Age 15 to 19 Is Already A Mother
Youth Problems in the Philippine Society
Adolescent sexual and reproductive health | UNFPA – United Nations
World Bank: Adolescent fertility rate (births per 1,000 women ages 15-19)

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