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Airport e-counters – Immigration News

International airline passengers need no longer scramble for pens to fill up immigration cards at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) with the Bureau of Immigration setting up e-counters to speed up the process next...

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Immigration has a new website

The Philippines Bureau of Immigration has a new website. We just got a tricky visa question out of Africa. So we had a look at the Bureau of Immigration. And WOW – they have a...


Immigration without cash

The Bureau of Immigration is moving to electronic money transfer.  To facilitate public service and boost convenience for foreigners who are transacting official business at the Bureau of Immigration offices, various fees and dues...

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Bureau of Immigration is very busy

The Bureau of Immigration (BI) had been very busy during the last weeks. There are two new regulations, one belonging to foreign expatriates and longtime tourists the other one aiming Filipino tourists. Foreign expatriates...

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Fake visa extension stamps

Be careful with your visa extension. A Japanese national got caught with fake visa extension in his passport. Mr. H.Y. went to the Bureau of Immigration (BI) main office in Intramuros, Manila to have his...

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Fast changing visa regulations for overstaying

On March 11 the Bureau of Immigration closed its counter at Manila NAIA. “The Bureau of Immigration (BI) has advised departing foreign tourists that they can update their stay only at the bureau’s main...

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