133 Rude Aliens barred from entering the Philippines in 2018

Rude Aliens

Rude Aliens rejected!

133 rude aliens were not allowed to enter the Philippines in 2018. They were registered and then sent back to the place of origin. See below the press release of the Bureau of Immigration (BI) from Sunday, January 13, 2019.
Imagine, you arrive after a long and uncomfortable flight at the end of a felt mile long queue. In front of the immigration desks you absolutely need to stay Zen!

We help you! Print his picture and watch it while queuing up. This will soon be you again on one of our wonderful beaches.

Because not only you are tired but also the immigration officer might already have had a long shift. Read more after the BI Press Release.

BI Barred 133 Rude Aliens from Entering RP in 2018

PASAY, Philippines —The Bureau of Immigration (BI) said it barred 133 foreign nationals from entering the country last year for being rude and disrespectful to immigration officers.

In a report to Immigration Commissioner Jaime Morente, BI Port Operations Division Chief Grifton Medina said the number of rude aliens who were turned back in 2018 was slightly higher than the 129 excluded in 2017.

Medina thus advised foreigners visiting the country not to be discourteous and avoid using foul and indecent language when talking to immigration officers whom they encounter in the ports of entry.

“The entry and stay of foreigners in the country is only a privilege, not a right,” Medina said. “Aliens are not allowed to verbally abuse or disrespect our immigration officers.”

Statistics show that 37 Chinese nationals topped the list, followed by 25 Americans, and 23 Koreans.

“They were also placed in our immigration blacklist of undesirable aliens, thus they are banned from re-entering the country,” Medina added.

According to BI Spokesperson Dana Sandoval, the BI has been strictly implementing a policy to disallow the entry of foreigners who exhibit arrogance or make offensive utterances against immigration officers, the latter being symbols of Philippine authority.

She said such policy is grounded under a memorandum order that then BI chief Andrea Domingo issued on March 29, 2001 which provides not only for the exclusion of a disrespectful foreign passenger but also his inclusion in the immigration blacklist.

“While we have been instructed to observe maximum tolerance, arrogant and discourteous foreigners are sent back and blacklisted. Symbols of the country, such as authorities, should be respected,” Sandoval said.

Rudeness never pays!

In any controversial situation the one who keeps calm is the winner. Being rude shows your weak side. I know it’s not always easy to keep calm. There are situations and circumstances where the blood starts to boil. Extreme heat or cold, lack of sleep, thirst or hunger can bring you at your limits. Stay calm, it is worth your effort.

Rude Alliens
Don’t get stressed. Rather start a chat with people around you. The queue shortens at light-speed.

Some hints belonging to the Philippines

  • Immigration at the airport: Be friendly and listen. If you encounter one of our beautiful immigration officers, keep your hormones under control 😉
  • Immigration offices in general: Wear proper attire and carefully listen what you’re told. Sometimes a smile or a calm question might speed up the process of visa extension. (Read also our Visa Page).
  • Police and LTO officers: If you have committed an offence, settle it without loud voice. If you have a bad feeling, ask to go to their office. You might be astonished how fast problems can be resolved.
  • Airline counters: Delays and cancellations happen rather often here in the Philippines. If you are calm and empathising, you might sleep in a comfortable hotel bed instead of a hard airport bench or floor.
  • In the shops: Shop staff here has not the same education and training as they have in western countries. Usually after 6 months they are replaced. Enjoy their help. Your day and their’s will be full of smiles.

I am astonished about Rude Aliens

I was born in a western country. I am living now for over 12 years in the Philippines. This is why I am astonished, that the statistics show that 37 Chinese nationals topped the list, followed by 25 Americans, and 23 Koreans.
I had expected other nations. But if you have a look on the DOT statistics, the numbers become more relative.

Tourists coming to the Philippines

The 3 nations among the first three of Rude Aliens top also the number of tourists visiting the Philippines. Why? Is it the absolute number of visitors coming from these countries?

  • 1 out of 26,297 Chinese showed bad attitude
  • 1 out of 31,000 Americans were rude aliens
  • 1 out of 51,260 Koreans behaved in a rude manner

It seems that Chinese need a bit education or maybe rather information before visiting other countries. Don’t they? Earning the title of “Top Rude Aliens” is not the honour that these funny people deserve.

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