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Ferries sunk?

Ferries sunk? All our communication channels are going mad. A first message informed us that a boat sunk between Benoni (Camiguin) and Balingoan (Mindanao).  Our inquiries first showed up with Super Shuttle Ferry #15...

Super Shuttle Ferry - No Ferry to Camiguin 3

No Ferry to Camiguin

No Ferry to Camiguin – Jagna (Bohol) and Cagayan de Oro are off line. OceanJet has stopped their services from Cagayan de Oro to Camiguin and Camiguin to Bohol. Super Shuttle Ferry has stopped...

Super Shuttle Ferry 1 in the port of Benoni, Camiguin 0

Severe water pollution in Benoni port

Yesterday vendors in the Port of Benoni, Camiguin sighted an oil spill at the vicinity and immediately reported the incident to the Coast Guard. Ocular inspection and investigation conducted by the Coast Guard personnel verified...

Super Shuttle Ferry 1 in Benoni port 0

Passengers stranded in Camiguin

At least 300 passengers got stranded in Camiguin last Sunday because their Ferry, actually Super Shuttle Ferry 1  reportedly had 70 more passengers on board than the maximum number of 270 passengers it is allowed...

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