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Super Typhoon MAYSAK 0

Super Typhoon MAYSAK – a violent guy

Super Typhoon MAYSAK is just now developing its peak strength. The Saffir-Simpson scale attributes Category 5, Super Typhoon. JMA in Japan assigns “Ferocious” or 猛烈な.  Wind speed is now up to 280+ km/h.  This typhoon...

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Violent Typhoon VONGFONG / Ompong

Violent Typhoon VONGFONG / Ompong has reachd Category 5 and is a Super Typhoon now. It’s central pressure is incredibly low at 900 hPa. Wind speed near the center is up to 220 km/h and...

Super Typhoon USAGI / Odette 2013-09-21 0

Typhoon USAGI / Odette moving towards Hongkong

Typhoon USAGI / Odette is still inside PAR (Philippines Area of Responsibility) but is now moving at 19 km/h towards Hongkong. The typhoon battered the Batanes Island group in the far north of the Philippines...

Super Typhoon USAGI / Odette 2013-09-20 0

Super Typhoon USAGI / Odette hitting Batanes tonight

Typhoon USAGI / Odette  as an extremely dangerous Category 5 Super Typhoon endangers extreme Northern Luzon and Southern Taiwan particularly the Batanes Islands. Outer rainbands now spreading across all Northern Luzon. PAGASA has now declared...

Super Typhoon USAGI / Odette 2013-09-20 0

Super Typhoon USAGI / Odette is now Category 5

At 4:00 a.m. today, the eye of Super Typhoon USAGI / Odette was located at  410 km East of Aparri, Cagayan  (18.9°N, 126.0°E). Maximum sustained winds are 220 km/h near the center and gustiness is up to...

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