The culinary desert becomes more mouth-watering

Little Bridges

One of our friends (Lo Svevo, of course) once called Camiguin culinary pampas. This has definitely changed this year and is still changing. 

Little Bridges

First of the three were Barry Niccolls and Meloni Dalana with their “Little Bridges”. This restaurant is  bit uphill from the National Highway in Barangay Anito. They offer an interesting mix of North and South American food as well as Chinese, Japanese, Filipino and Thai specialties. On very special events they prepare Hawaiian “Kalua pig Luau“. A whole stuffed pig prepared the Hawaiian style on embers on stones in an earth-hole.

Little Bridges Camiguin

The restaurant is on one of the bridges. This bridge isn’t so little.

Little Bridges
Barry is mixing our apéritifs. His experience in the food and nightclub business in his native Canada will make you happy and more …

Casa Roca

Casa Roca Inn was constructed in the late nineties and was a private residence for many years. Known locally as one of the most beautiful homes on the island. Jim Hann has overhauled this very particular property and transformed in an Inn.

You do not only sleep well there, above the rocks, you also eat with pleasure in a very friendly atmosphere and enjoy the view over the Bohol Sea. Sunset-lovers will be enchanted by the view all over the year, because Casa Roca is oriented west and offers stunning sunsets all over the year. Visit their website Link

Casa Roca Inn

Eating at Casa Roca is a pleasure. They offer “market fresh dinners”, an ever-changing daily “specials” menu for lunch and dinner items, and a full service bar featuring the best Island Shakes and Cocktails, and of course: freezing cold beer! 

Casa Roca Inn

Our preferences are their “really boneless” fish and their excellent chicken-curry. We menaced them not to pay, if there were a bone. Hmm, we did pay with pleasure. And paying their bill is a pleasure. Their restaurant is really affordable.

Camiguin Volcan Beach

This is the newest resort and the newest restaurant.
They celebrated their opening party for friends on 12.12.12!
But they are not yet open to the public. “Tomorrow, maybe” as we say here.
Please check back on this blog – tomorrow maybe… 

Volcan Beach Eco Retreat

See you tomorrow Thump up

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