Typhoon MAYSAK/Chedeng – appoaching

Typhoon MAYSAK/Chedeng

Typhoon MAYSAK/Chedeng is still approaching. PAGASA and other government agencies start now to inform people. Don’t mind this is the Philippines.

For 5 days now we follow this cyclone (aka. typhoon or storm). But the authorities here in the Philipines start to warn people just now. There are 5 days lost.  Why? We have put plywood on our windows. We have bought fuel for our generator. We have bought water and food. But what can people do in the touched regions, if the alert is coming too late? 5 days or 2 days? Why no earlier? You know: Bahala-na!

The Track Forecast

Typhoon MAYSAK/Chedeng

Heading towards the north of Luzon. Aurora will be hit on Sunday. Bicol seems to be off the track now.
JMA reports a central pressure of 935 hPa. Wind speeds are 175 to 250 km/h. This is still very strong.

Typhoon MAYSAK/Chedeng  Storm data

Name (INTL. / local): MAYSAK /Chedeng
Class: Typhoon Cat.4
Time/Date of observation: 06:00 p.m. on April 2, 2015
Location of Center: 13.0º North 133.0º East
Moving Direction and Speed: Northwest @ 15 km/h
Moving towards: Aurora
Distance from the Philippines: 880 km E of Virac
Estimated Date / Time of Landfall: Sunday morning
Max. Wind Speed near Center: 175 km/h
Peak Wind Gusts: 250 km/h
Minimum Central Pressure: 935 hPa
Diameter: 800 km
24h Rainfall near Center: 50 – 300 mm
Max. Wave Height: n/a
Here you find how to read and understand this data

Next update tomorrow maybe.

Almost real-time storm information
The animated pictures of this violent storm are fascinating



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