Very strange policies at Zest Air

On December 6 we decided to see our friends in Panay during Christmas and New Year. Unfortunately nearly all flights were already sold out or were sold at astronomically high prices.

But ZestAir had still some seats available. Well, the schedule had not been the best:
Cagayan de Oro to Manila at 05:30 AM
Manila to Kalibo at 04:25 PM
All other flights were sold out!

When we arrived before 07:00 AM in Manila, we went to the ZestAir ticket office at the Old Domestic Terminal. There we were informed that they still had seats for the 12:00 noon flight to Kalibo.

When we asked the agent to change our booking, she informed us, that it would be better to throw away our ticket and buy a new one. We were a bit confused…Tease

Here is the explanation:
New ticket price for MNL-KLO is PHP 2,344.00

But when we rebook, the calculation looks as this:

New ticket PHP 2’344.00
minus old ticket – PHP 1,454.00
difference to pay + PHP 890.00
plus 24 hours penalty + PHP 1,120.00
plus rebooking fee + PHP 672.00
New rebooked ticket PHP 2,682.00

We decided to keep our old tickets and went to Mall of Asia and had a very decent lunch! 8 hours of amusing shopping and an excellent lunch. Thank you ZestAir for your strange rebooking policy.Wink

But that’s not all.

When we landed at 05:25 PM in Kalibo International (hehehe, international !!!), the aircraft stayed on the runway. The air condition was on full power and we slowly got frozen and the cabin was filled with fog.
After a while the pilot informed that we had to wait because there was no parking space available for his aircraft. After an hour, with our noses flowing and all fingers toes blue, we could leave the aircraft. Cold

 This brings up two new questions:

1. Kalibo got a really big new international terminal, but the tarmac still has the size of the old domestic only times. Why didn’t they enlarge the tarmac?

2. Why do all the airlines fly to Kalibo at the same time? We saw 2 ZestAir Airbuses, one from Cebu Pacific, one from AirphilExpress and one from PAL. 5 Airbuses that had landed within one hour. 

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