Hassle free travel to Boracay

Southwest Tours Boracay Inc.

Tourism in the Philippines still lacks of comfort. This not only means bad roads and murderous bus drivers, rusty ferries and endless fees and taxes – this also means loosing a lot of the precious vacation time for waiting, for queuing up and getting no or wrong information. 

Lots of tourists are going to Boracay. to get there one either can fly to Caticlan or to Kalibo. Caticlan is fast and comfortable, but the planes are small, the flights expensive and the luggage per passenger is limited.

The other route by Kalibo is longer. One needs to find a bus or van to Caticlan without being ripped and once in Caticlan one has to queue up at 3 counters to pay the different fees and taxes and to get the boat ticket.

There is now a company, Southwest Tours Boracay Inc., that offers different transportation services and more from Kalibo to Boracay. Their offer is modular from transportation only to door-to-door handling. Their tariffs are absolutely fair, see one of their offers below:

Southwest Tours Boracay Inc.

 Southwest Tours Boracay Inc.

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