Abseits vom Trampelpfad – Off the Beaten Track – the Book from Sonja Schlenther

Abseits vom Trampelpfad - Off the Beaten Track

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  1. Great story – calls for more…..:-) and the DeepL translator works really fine!

    Best regards

    • waebi says:

      Good evening Jürg,
      Thank you for your feedback.
      Yes, DeepL is at this moment the best translating tool I know.
      Translated texts do only need very few corrections.
      The only thing that can not yet be translated is the “Wortwitz”.
      Intrinsic humour to particular words in a particular context.
      But I am sure this also will come with the current exponential development of AI.

      If you would like a hard-copy of the book, I can send it by LBC to your home.
      I think Sonja is selling it here at PHP 1200 or 1500. I’ll have to ask her.

      It is really refreshing to read her.
      After having read Sonja’s book the first time, I read again the book “Auswandern – Den Kulturschock überwinden” from Gerhard Knauber.
      It’s the same country but two different perspectives.
      I had to read Sonja’s book again.

      Wishing you a warm tropical night.
      Cheers, waebi

    • Thank you Jürg Weber for your feedback! If you like to continue reading it, I am sure there is a way to support you 🙂
      Are you living in the Philippines? If you are in Europe it’s easy or if you using e-book readers (all kinds) you can get online an e-book version…and if you are actually in Camiguin, I can personally give you some issue and dedication “Widmung” :-). Best sunny regards, Sonja

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