Aicraft Crash in Camiguin – update 4

Camiguin Airport Approach RP-C208-1


There is no new information at this moment. As usual in the Philippines, gossip spreads at light speed, but the information is more than confusing. The only secured information we got is about the crew and the passengers. The crew consisted of two pilots (one of them still a student pilot). There were 3 passengers, 2 adults and a boy of 3 years age.

To give you an idea of the flight from Cebu to Camiguin, we have compiled a series of pictures from our flight a year ago (February 28, 2011). This flight had been with the sister aircraft of today’s crash. A Cessna 172, RP-C208.
The weather conditions on our flight a year ago were worse than today’s weather that had been rather fair.

Camiguin Airport Approach with RP-C208
First pass over runway 07/25 to see if it’s OK and there is no cattle and people

Camiguin Airport Approach with RP-C208The configuration is a bit strange: Engine on 2300 rpm and vario minus 3 ft/s. But OK, the pilot flying is still a student

Camiguin Airport Approach with RP-C208Downwind leg. Low ceiling at about 600 feet. The picture shows the coast between Agoho (left) and Yumbing (right)

Camiguin Airport Approach with RP-C208Final on RWY-07. Below the cloud ceiling the view is absolutely OK. 

Camiguin Airport Approach with RP-C208Good alignment and the windsock is visible. No cattle and people on the runway!

Camiguin Airport Approach with RP-C2085 seconds to touch-down. The windsock shows about 15 kts headwind. They still have not yet cleaned the end of runway 07/25!

RP-C208-7Lucky bird and happy passenger. The Aviatours RP-C208 on the parking space of Camiguin airport. 

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6 Responses

  1. k4k3x says:

    there are something wrong with these pictures.

    the 3rd picture shows low visibility at 600ft, but how come you have good visibility when you passed over the runway at 1500ft AGL?

    the 4th picture shows that you’re on the final, so you supposed to be at around 500ft (100ft below the ceiling) and the ceiling should be visible. so why the picture shows a good visibility?

    the 2nd picture shows the cruising configuration not the landing configuration because the altimeter shows 3000ft, and it’s normal to set the power at 2300 rpm for cruising.

    so are these pictures of yours accurate or not?

  2. SIM says:

    Yup u r right
    it has some prob
    btw it is rpc-209
    not 208

    208 no longer exist

    but really u can blame on the school for this and really i dont know if its a pilot error

  3. waebi says:

    No it’s all correct. During Amihan season, clouds hang low over Agoho-Yumbing, while it is sunny in Mambajao. Only 4 kilometers distance.
    Unfortunately the camera data (EXIF) is not correct. We used 2 cameras, one with UTC+1 and one with UTC +8.
    Photo 2 is out of sequence and had been taken about 10 minutes before picture 1, sorry.


  4. JOlog says:

    How come there are 5 pax on a 4 seater plane ?

  5. JOlog says:

    And a student training while plane being chartered is a joke ….. Greedy operators ….the husband should go after these guys …. Playing w the lives of their pax ….tsktsktsk .
    Sad thing still they cn get away w this n cntinue doing it coz its more fun in the phil.

  6. JOlog says:

    For a moving a/c at a speed of more than a hundred kilometers on the approach hitting only 1 coconut tree n a vast wilderness area could mean that they were moving vertically towards the ground, simply they stalled the airplane . Stalled the airplane mot because the pilot or the student flew it below the white arc , simply because the plane was overloaded ……..stall means the wing unable to provide enough lift to allow the a/c stay afloat in the air for non aviator readers ……. And their goes the
    Ives of the persons due to the operators greediness….

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