Air Traffic vs. Marine Traffic during COVID

Air Traffic vs. Sea Traffic

Air Traffic vs. Marine Traffic compared during the COVID-19 Lockdown in the Philippines. Passenger traffic is now almost at zero. But Cargo traffic must run to bring supplies to the remotest islands. All maps in this article can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Air Traffic

Domestic air traffic had been stopped weeks ago. This had been one of the first actions to stop spreading of the virus within the large archipelago. In the first weeks we still observed some “sweeper flights” that fetched stranded tourists. They were brought to the still open international airports. 
The few birds still now in the Philippine skies are either charter flights or cargo operations. On Flight Radar 24 charter flights can be identified by there 4 digit flight numbers (e.g. just now 2P9453 a PALexpress flight from General Santos to Manila).Air Traffic vs. Marine TrafficMost other planes fly at high altitude either between China and Australia or Japan and Singapore or Indonesia.
There are are also some few international flights from/to Manila. Compared with the flights a month ago, the skies are empty.

Sea Traffic

Air Traffic vs. Marine Traffic – After the lockdown of air traffic followed the stop of almost all passenger traffic on ferries. There are still some exceptions. The blue ships in the map below are passenger ferries. But they transport trucks and cargo. Only very few passengers are still allowed to travel. Most of them are government or health related.
Air Traffic vs. Marine TrafficGreen ships are cargo steamers and the red ones are tankers.
This real-time map can be found on Marine Traffic.

The seas are still full. Below is the Philippines map for marine traffic. Compare it with the air traffic map!
Marine Traffic 2020-04-15

An interesting before/now comparison

Flight Radar 24 has published an interesting sliding map showing global air traffic before the virus outbreak and now. Here are the two extreme:

Before COVID-19

Before COVID-19
With COVID-19

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