Pasaway Driver! What do you think?

Pasaway Drivers

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  1. Juerg Weber says:

    I agree, with your comment about the taxi drivers, who have quite a tough job to get their earnings.

    The situation at the arrival area of the Centennial-Terminal (NAIA 2) is however beyond comprehension. There are some – which we guess illegal – hustlers who are giving themselves an official air and offer taxis at an exorbitant rate and try to prevent arriving passengers to avail of the official MIA Coupons Taxis. These Coupon Taxis are charging for a trip to Makati Pesos 330.– compared to Pesos 750.– which these peddlers claim!! The bad thing is, that the numerous security guards seem to tolerate this practise. It is sad to say, that this gives a very negative impression of the PI’s, especially for visitors who arrive here for the first time. – We were able to observe this situation last week while waiting for our friends.

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