Black Hole between Lazada and LBC

Is there a big Black Hole between Lazada and LBC? One could think so. Our very first experience with this on-line shopping in the Philippines shows a perfect Black Hole effect.

IMPORTANT UPDATE 07/01/2016: LAZADA has a working customer service. Our thanks go to Jonathan Diaz De Castro. Jonathan from Lazada tried to reach us several times and finally succeeded this morning. Our cool cooler had been dispatched to LBC. So the Black Hole entirely shifted to LBC express. A big THANK YOU to Lazada and their EXCELLENT customer service.

The actors of this story and what they say of themselves:


One-Stop Shopping Destination

With hundreds of thousands of products across categories including health and beauty, home and living, fashion, mobiles and tablets, consumer electronics and home appliances among others, Lazada is the place to visit for all your shopping needs.

No more traffic jams, crowds and long queues! Shop anytime, anywhere via your computer and mobile phone. With our quick and reliable delivery service, just sit back, relax and your package will come to you.
LBC is the Philippines’ market leader in payments & remittance, documents & mail, parcels & boxes, and cargo & logistics.
With a growing network of over 6,400 locations, partners, and agents in over 30 countries, LBC is committed to moving lives, businesses, and communities and delivering smiles around the world. Founded in 1945 as a brokerage and air cargo agent, LBC pioneered time-sensitive cargo delivery and 24-hour door-to-door delivery in the Philippines.
Today, it is the most trusted courier, cargo & logistics, and remittance service provider of the Global Filipino.


A couple living on the small island of Camiguin out in the Bohol Sea just 15 km off the coast of northern Mindanao.

 The Black Hole Story

On June 3 this year, Butch saw an advertisement from Lazada on Facebook. It was a Portable Car Electronic 2-in-1 Cooling and Warming Refrigerator Fridge Storage 7.5L. Butch sought that it would be nice to have cool drinks in the car during our sometimes long journeys overland. So me, waebi, did sign up with Lazada to order the desired cooler.

The registration process took less than a minute. 4 minutes later we already received the order confirmation. Being careful people, not trusting anybody at first sight, we opted for Cash on Delivery.

Latzada Order

Great! One week from order to delivery is absolutely acceptable here in the Philippines. And the possibility to track the order seemed to be fine. Soon we would have cool drinks in the car. 3 days later, on June 6, we received the information that our Order 378888966 is being shipped and will be out for delivery within the next 24 hours. Wonderful!

Lazada Shipping

Now we knew that our cooler will be delivered by LBC. The delivery date went up one day. But what is a day in the world of “Next week maybe”? And there was an LBC Tracking Number. Let’s check where our cool cooler is:

Black Hole in Lazada Tracking

Right. The parcel has been handed over to LBC on June 6. They needed 3 days, but there had been a weekend in between. Absolutely OK for us. Now let’s have a look at LBC:

Black Hole in LBC Tracking

LBC got our parcel. A bit more than 5 hours after it had left Lazada’s computer, it appeared in LBC’s tracking system. And then …..

The Black Hole absorbed our parcel

Today, June 29, the status of our cooler in the parcel is still the same. Both tracking systems show the same result as it showed 3 weeks ago. We inquired at Lazada. NO ANSWER. We asked LBC. They do not have our tracking number in their system. Only possibility: There must be a Black Hole in the vicinity of Alabang. Be careful when approaching Alabang, you may get absorbed and vanish forever.

Fortunately we didn’t trust the system and ordered as Cash on Delivery. But the stale taste remains. Can one trust these systems. What would have happened, if we had paid by credit card?

What is your experience with Lazada when it comes to delivery in the province?

If somebody from Lazada or LBC reads this article, please inform us about the status of the black hole …


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121 Responses

  1. Lazada PH says:

    Hi, please be advised that we tried calling the number on our file under (order number 378888966). However, it was a wrong number. We sent a message via email. Kindly check it for your reference. Hope we can hear a feedback soon. Thank you.

    • waebi says:

      Thanks for your message.
      I sent an answer by e-mail at 19:40 this evening.
      Regards, waebi

    • Maria Andrea L. De Guzman says:

      Hi Lazada, could you please make an update of my item. I also have the same situation with WAEBI. I ordered and already paid the item last month JUNE 26, 2016 and since August 2, 2016 the status of my item on LBC Tracking system is still on “FORWARDED TO SF-CEBU”. I already emailed you last week but no response. How long will take to arrive here in Cebu. I am beyond disappointed. I bought this item as a gift for my friend this August 23 and I doubt I would be able to give her this on her day. PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS.

      This is my order number: Order 383198186
      LBC Tracking #:791006740706

    • Jhoi says:

      Hi Lazada. My order has been with Solutions Crossdock Alabang since October 20,2016. Please check on this. Thank you! T# 791007550536

    • Cara Salico says:

      Hi i encounter the same thing,my order been 2weeks now at cfs port area.

    • jim says:

      Hi lazada can you make an update for my order ?18111111639248 .mine is stuck at cfs port area 5 weeks later .if you cant .cancel my order

      • waebi says:

        Hi Jim.
        We aren’t Lazada.
        Call Lazada’s service hotline: +63 (0)2 795 8900

        They usually react very fast.
        Cheers, waebi

        • John Stephine says:

          Hi Waebi My Package is still at Alabang crossdock I ordered it on Sept 7 and they said that the estimated date Is Sept 12 2019 to September 14 and I didn’t receive any package and this is my tracking Number 99100003517003 I’m so excited to get my package but I didn’t receive it PLSS help me

          • waebi says:

            Hi John,

            The Alabang crossdocking is known to be not reliable. Lazada is only a software making the deal between you and the vendor.
            The hard job is done by LBC. And there is still a lot of improvement needed.
            It can work or not.
            Do only buy by Cash on Delivery (CoD).
            Cheers, waebi

    • Ronaldo Silvia says:

      Hi Lazada,

      It has been observed my me, that some of my parcel ordered at Lazada is being cleared by Customs and is already with the LBC Crossdock Alabang it failed to be delivered to me. While other parcel that i ordered where able to be delivered to me. What is wrong with this Crossdock Alabang?

      • waebi says:

        It seems that the big black hole is at LBC crossdock in Alabang.
        Lazada should give the customer the choice of different freight forwarding companies.
        All deliveries with Ninja Van are arriving. With LBC a lot gets lost.
        Cheers, waebi

        • Nadine says:

          Hi Waebi! Im not sure if im having the same problem but i googled SOLUTIONS CROSSDOCK ALABANG i saw this site. I ordered mine Aug 7, its Aug 10 today. Did you ever get to receive your package? Unfortunately i paid via lazada wallet

          • waebi says:

            Hi Nadine,
            3 days are a bit short. Depending on where you live, LBC has to chose land transportation ore even sea cargo. This can take some time.
            I have friends who never or almost never had problems with orders from Lazada.
            The parcel from my order in above article never arrived at its destination. Fortunately it had been COD. So no money problem for me.
            Have you already tried to track with LBC and Lazada tracking numbers? And if you live outside NCR, give them a week for delivery.
            Cheers, waebi

        • Rex says:

          Hi Waebi,
          I s this story still happening now?I am tracking my parcel via LBC online and it was already received at Crossroad Solutions, and I googled it thats why I found this article. Now I’m nervous that I will not be able to get my parcel and I already paid it in cash. I ordered last Aug.14 and expected to be delivered Aug18.

          • waebi says:

            Hi Rex,
            It seems that the problem at LBC Crossdocking in Alabang persists.
            But do not forget the problems caused by ECQ and GCQ and any CQ.
            I just shipped a parcel with LBC. The usual time from Mindanao to Samar is 3 days.
            But I was told yesterday that it might need 2 to 3 weeks now.
            If I were you, I’d keep cool and have an eye on the tracking during the next 10 days.

            Cheers, waebi

            PS: The parcel arrived after 4 days. They did a good job.

  2. Wolfgang Heinze says:

    Hi, I have the same experience. Ordered printer cartridges on 2nd of July for my brother in law.
    Shipment will arrive by: 6 Jul – 7 Jul, 2016,Use tracking ID:791006464349
    LBC tracking says:
    July 04, 2016 07:26:50 AM FORWARDED TO CFS PORT AREA
    Wonder when it will arrive. This was my first order with LAZADA and used “Cash on delivery” option.
    Regards Wolfgang

    • waebi says:

      Seems to be an LBC problem.
      The LBC tracking system gets an initial tracking number.
      You and me, we could track the LBC parcel up to a point and then the LBC “Black Hole” attacks.

      I hope you ordered “cash on delivery”.
      I’ll come back to these subject because I already had another “black hole” case with LBC before.

      Cheers, waebi

    • jim says:

      Same to me .mine is stuck at cfs port area

  3. Hello, me and my friends saw an ad about powerbanks, since we play Pokemon Go and wanted to “catch them all”, we ordered the Romoss Sense 6 from After a day, I received a confirmation. This is my 2nd time ordering from lazada, so I thought, maybe they had some problems in their system, since it took them a day to send the confirmation and the shipment status. August 19, 2016 at 2AM, I received the email. Then, a minute after, I received another email saying it was being shipped to LBC. There was a weekend up ahead the scheduled delivery, so I also thought, maybe monday, it’ll arive. But today, wednesday, the last day of the scheduled delivery, there’s still no email, no text, and no change in the logs of the tracking number the LBC gave to me. My friends too, who ordered the same item earlier than me. This has been an aweful experience, not just for me, but for my first-time-buyer friends.

  4. waebi says:

    Hi Lorenz,
    The number of frustrated customers is growing every day.
    We read it here and in forums. We hear it from friends.
    The black hole seems to at the LBC Crossdock Alabang.

    Call Lazada’s service hotline: +63 (0)2 795 8900

    Cheers, waebi

  5. Rosa Man says:

    Hi lazada,could you please make an update of my item.I ordered and already paid the item setpember 3,2016 and since September 7,2016 the status of my item on LBC tracking system is still RECEIVE AT GENERAL SANTOS September 8,2016 I track my item but still in general santos distribution. When I receive a confirmation of my order from lazada my order will receive September 8,2016.I bought that item for my daughter.

    This is my order number:341835156
    Lbc tracking #:771007163338

  6. Tim Cruz says:

    I also purchased an item in Lazada this will be the 10th time that I will order an item to them but this time it will be coming from the China (Vistore). I paid using my credit card because you can’t do any COD for items that came from abroad. After 3 days they told me that the item was shipped using LBC. when I tracked the number that they gave me there is no information showed up in LBC’s website and I do not know where my parcel is. Can you help me on this one Lazada-PH?

    ORDER: 336453316
    TRACKING ID (LBC): 891005586406

  7. Jhoi says:

    Haha. This made me laugh. I got into this just because i am experiencing the same shit.

  8. i returned some item but i got the wrong amount of reimbursement im disappointed ! then november 5,2016 i order Cignus UV-85+ Dual Band VHF/UHF Two Way Portable Radio (Black)..the given time for arrival has expired i got nothing ths day november 19,2016 no item receive.

  9. joseph mansilungan says:

    same with me,I ordered 2 hp printer last november 11 and it still at crossdock solution alabang, so disappointed
    tracking # 771007762790

  10. kevin says:

    bakit still crossdock parin ang status sa order ko almost 3 days na still ng duon padin follow up ko lng sana ito po ang tracking # 791008321351

  11. Tenderloins says:

    Now im worried kasi sa sinabi nyo, kakaorder ko lang since last few days and its also still stuck at Solution Crossdock Alabang… it says that in might arrived in Dec 25-29 and bukas its the last day…. I wish it arrived today or next day and, i dont want to arrived next year because im preparing para sa regalo ko sa kapatid ko

  12. Annabel says:

    Wala pa din yung order ko..paki folliw naman po hanggang ngayon hindi pa na dating..791008469489

  13. Shin says:

    This happened to me as well unfortunately. It’s good that there’s an immediate response from the customer service of Lazada, but it really irks me that they promise a certain date (a date way past the promised date of arrival on their system) and still don’t receive any item on that day. I’ve been extending my patience for quite a while now, especially on the fact that I ordered that product last December 29, 2016. It’s a good thing that we ordered through cash-on-delivery basis, but I’m still annoyed at the fact that I have not received anything yet. The product by the way is a tablet worth 5,500+ Php, and with the shipping service we have here in the PH, who knows what had happened to that tablet. In case a problem resurfaces after getting the product, is there even a chance to return the item now that I’ve exceeded my 7 day return warranty. Really frustrating. And as per LBC’s tracking status, it still shows the same “Encoded at SF – CEBU” status. Last update was on December 30, 2016. I don’t even know what should I expect anymore.

  14. Ron C says:

    Happened to me also. I placed my order last Dec 8, 2016 and until now the package is with LBC’s possession as per their tracking site. LBC’s customer service also is suck. Agents always leave the chat conversation after initial reply without giving any update or clarification to my package. Tet and Sheena did that to me several times. After I provided them the tracking number, they leave the chat. Looks like they know the problem and chose not to tell the real situation.

  15. Renzo Carl Collantes says:

    My order is stated as “Received at CFS port station” and I have been waited for 6 days already to the given estimated time of delivery and now this is the 3rd day of the estimated time of delivery.

  16. josephine alvarez says:

    how many days to be delivered the said item to Dasamariñas, Cavite? 2weeks?3weeks? please check this 891004839447

  17. Jake says:

    haha. I ordered a guitar and waited til’ a day beyond the receiving date but it didn’t arrive. But the problem is not with LBC but with the merchant. so I ordered another item and now its processed and being shipped, lets see if I’ll receive it this time. My order should arrive starting today til 23.
    Btw what is meant by “received at mid day”?

  18. cureta says:

    item ordered badly needed… please check Tracking No. 791008475135.. Thanks!

    • waebi says:

      Here it is:

      Jan 06, 2017
      07:45 pm

      Jan 05, 2017
      01:14 am

      Jan 04, 2017
      03:31 pm

      Jan 04, 2017
      09:26 am

      Jan 04, 2017
      05:37 am

      Again the Crossdock in Alabang …


  19. Thomas says:

    it seems that there is a problem but only in certain areas or specifically the crossdock in alabang, I have ordered from Lazada at least 8 times,various items going to leyte, and always received my order ahead of schedule. Still I will always order cash on delivery to be safe.

    • waebi says:

      Hi Thomas,
      That’s good news, at least for you.
      With the troubles at SOLUTIONS CROSSDOCK ALABANG it is absolutely recommended to always order cash on delivery to be safe.
      Chhers, waebi

  20. Deej says:

    I understand that you will have to oick up your package at the
    LBC warehouse if you weren’t at home when they deliver it, but what would happen if you decide not to claim it? The nearest LBC warehouse from my place is 4 hours away and I have spend 400 pesos for the commute which I’m not willing to do

  21. JAMES O SULLIVAN says:

    I have found Lazada customer service very reasonable. Out of 20+ orders in the past year there was only one problematic “black hole”. They refunded my card payment (which was in my account within two days) and my order arrived the next day! I also had to return one item through their LBC system. Their response and full refund was within three days.

    • waebi says:

      Hi James,
      Thank you for your positive feedback.
      Last week I also had a positive experience with Lazada/LBC.
      The item ordered arrived Saturday evening at 6 p.m. in a torrential rain.
      The LBC guy did really a tough job and he told me, that he had 11 more small parcels to deliver the same evening.

      It seems that you have some experience with the Lazada/LBC system.
      May I ask you, to write us, how you did proceed with:
      – non delivery
      – returning

      Many readers of this blog would be happy to know how to do.
      Cheers, waebi

  22. aron says:

    I think if lbc tracking says “cfs port area,” it means that the parcel is shipped by sea , that’s why it will take time before it gets delivered.

  23. Tsay says:

    This is my first time to order in Lazada.
    The estimated delivery date is between feb 8 -13…
    Now, the status of my item is “RECEIVED AT SOLUTIONS CROSSDOCK ALABANG”.

    I hope I will not get disappointed with the LBC service. Let’s see if it will arrive on time.

    • waebi says:

      Crossing the fingers for your delivery.
      I had been lucky a week ago …
      Cheers, waebi

      • Tsay says:

        Bat po ganun?
        I track my order today in lbcexpress website and “No tracking details found. “?
        Here is my tracking number: 791008826364

        Please help me on this. I emailed both LBC and Lazada and still awaiting for their replies.

        • waebi says:

          Oh, gosh!
          I got the same result for your tracking number. Doesn’t look good.
          What does the Lazada tracking say? Already handed over to LBC?
          I hope you ordered as “Cash on Delivery”.
          Try to contact Lazada by phone. But they usually call you, when you send an e-mail.
          Good luck.
          CHeers, waebi

          • Tsay says:

            Yes, fortunately I ordered as cash-on-delivery coz I’m not so confident paying thru credit card..
            More patience..
            Thanks Waebi.

            BTW, here’s the response from Lazada:
            Good day.
            Upon coordinating with our courier, your order is already forwarded to our courier and soon to be delivered on your address. Please anticipate the delivery no later than February 13, 2017. Rest assured that our courier will contact you prior to the delivery so kindly keep your lines open. In any case that you will not be around during the time of delivery, kindly leave the exact payment to one of your representative.
            For the meantime, you may track the status of your order by simply providing your email and order number through this link: We also advised the LBC team update the tracker for you to be able to track it using your LBC tracking number.
            We hope for your continued patience and understanding regarding this matter.
            For more information about Lazada’s shipping and delivery, please refer to our Help Center page at
            Best regards
            Antonie Mayor – GICF | Customer Service |

            OK.. I gotta wait until Feb 13..

          • waebi says:

            Thanks for the feedback and good luck.
            Cheers, waebi

  24. Brad says:

    I made a big mistake. I bought a drone worth 55,000 with my credit card. It’s already past the promised shipping period. I have contacted both Lazada and LBC and they continually lie to me. Four days in a row, they said my package will arrive “tomorrow”. I’m losing hope. I have a feeling I might end up in small claims court.

    • waebi says:

      Hi Brad,
      That sounds not good.
      Do you track your order on Lazada and LBC?
      What is the status?
      If the parcel has left the Alabang Crossdocking, then there is hope.
      Sometimes a truck breaks down and the cargo has to wait.

      If you do not receive your drone, get in contact with Lazada and your bank.
      You can block the credit-card payment.
      Good luck, waebi

    • Eric says:

      Hi sir did you received your 55k worth parcel, I ordered a drawing tablet worth 60k via payapl payment.. I hope you can reply asap.. thanks

      • waebi says:

        Season greetings from Vietnam,
        Sorry for the late answer. We are exploring the outback of Vietnam.
        We recommend to contact the Lazada Hotline. The phone number you can find in above article.
        And for next time we recommend to order “COD” meaning cash on delivery. It’s the only safe way with Lazada and LBC.

        Wishing you a happy New Year
        waeby & crew

  25. Cathy says:

    Hi Lazada — LBC TRacking : 791009222336
    March 24, 2017 09:35:10 PM
    Arrived at CFS PORT AREA.
    March 24, 2017 02:54:15 PM
    Forwarded to CFS PORT AREA.

    I hope this did not get caught in the black hole. T_T please check

  26. melvin says:

    hi lazada my tracking number is stuck on Arrived at SOLUTIONS CROSSDOCK ALABANG (QTY: 1). since yesterday

  27. Red says:

    I have also a different incident about Lazada. I had bought a smartphone with them. Forwarded also by LBC. As I have tracked the package, it had already arrived at their local hub which it could be delivered anytime soon. I had placed my order June 22,2017 and got a notice to arrive at least on or before July 3, 2017. At the local hub of LBC, it had already arrived July 1, 2017 and that it is still the latest update in tracing my order at the LBC website. But it turns out, the package went missing. I know because after several days, my mom had checked the hub so that she could personally get the item and her credit card was used to pay for the item. But the personnel in the LBC warehouse could not find the item. As I had tried to talk to the Customer Service of Lazada, they haven’t told us anything what went wrong and they had sent us some several dates that they could deliver the item instead. First was July 17, then moved to July 19, and yet again on July 22 and latest was today, July 26. But as of now 6:00pm, no arrival of the item. I don’t know what they have sent during these dates, did they retrieve the item or replace an another one. It only sucks because they haven’t relayed any information about the item with the new set of dates to arrive and cannot be traced either.

  28. cherry says:

    I also ordered at Lazada yesterday, and its status right now is Arrived at MID DAY. do you think my order will arrive on time? its expected delivery is oct 7-11.

  29. Ned says:

    Hi ,im just wondering, why is that my order at Lada stil not moving? Its been 2weeks ago that was ordered.. Will you pls follow up my item please..
    LbC tracking no. 771010626869
    Lazada order no. 332768975

  30. Hans Peter Buchner says:

    Just order 2 days ago for my son a hover board for x-mast with COD because I am a foreinger living since 20years in the Philippines and without landline for a Phone I can’t get a credit card from the BDO even I get a monthly pension from germany.I’m happy Lazada offer COD and that I was get 1 day after my order an e-mail of Lazada that the Item was shipping!! 5 Stars from me for Lazada!!!

    • waebi says:

      Hi Hans Peter,
      Thank you for your positive input.
      It’s good you ordered as COD. But allow just one question: Did you already get the hover board?
      I ask because you just got an automatic e-mail from the Lazada computer saying that your item was shipping.
      This isn’t the problem we approached. The problem is the physical routing of your hover board.
      The big problem still seems to be the “cross docking” in Alabang.
      The dealer is sdending or delivering your order to this facility. LBC get’s it from there and dispatches
      your order using their national network.

      Please inform us, when you really got your hover board gift.
      Cheers, waebi

  31. I am Unknown says:

    hey lazada! please check the performance of your partner here in maasin southern leyte, THE LBC. i ordered something from lazada (a watch and speaker). i understand that in 1 to 2 wks the items will arrive. i check the LBC tracking number, its current location is already in tacloban. then day after i called the LBC Maasin Branch for the items. The woman whom i spoke at the telephone told me that the items already arrived and the in-charge person is on the way to our home. (my plan is to get it personally since it is already delayed as my gift to my brother)… so i waited for the item to arrive at my home in tagnipa maasin (5mins travel from LBC office). but no item arrive even text msg of the person -in-charge. it takes 5days till the lbc sent me a msg that my item returned to their office because the person didn’t find my location. i said, WTF!!! why did he not called the number i gave, etc… then the LBC cut the line then became busy… so i cancelled the item. i think there s a modus operandi here….. i hope lazada will change thier courier here in maasin. i suggest THE JRS, they have a good record to me..

    • waebi says:

      I already had the same problem with LBC.
      Latest case in November: “Sorry we have new delivery staff, they don’t know you. They couldn’t find you.
      Streetnames and House numbers would be fine all over the Philippines.

      Cheers, waebi

  32. lei says:

    Greetings! I encountered the same problem, although local lbc texted that the item is at the office already. But was greatly disappointed that they won’t deliver at the appointed time that lbc promised. And they don’t have the decency to inform by calling or texting that they can’t deliver on time. I personally don’t want to accept the item if they will deliver it on later date. Will there be consequences?

    • waebi says:

      Hello Lei,
      We have no idea!
      Please read the terms and conditions on the Lazada and LBC websites.
      Cheers, waebi

  33. Francis Jason Agres says:

    Same experience as well..

    I ordered 1unit of Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor. The system said that it has been delivered. It’s been a month or so, so I already bought similar item from a store in Bambang. Lazada, pls cancel my order.
    I also ordered 1 Manequin and it was delivered to us on time.

    Now I have a pending order of Welding Machine, Can I change the way of delivery (from “deliver to house” to “Pick up and paid at LBC office”)

    • waebi says:

      Hello Francis,
      Sorry for the late answer, we had been away from the office.
      We aren’t Lazada. We were ourselves victims of a not delivered order.
      This is why I wrote this article.

      Get in contact with Lazada. They have a rather good call-center and help-desk.
      Wishing you good luck.
      Cheers, waebi

  34. kristoffer Bermeo melendres says:

    Hassle Talaga yung Lazada. Sana may Option to choose what Courier yung gamitin mo. kahit may extra fees pa Like Shopee. Since 04/28/2018 pa yung order ko till now wala parin (5/5/2018) walang status change sa LBC track and Trace. baka wala na yung Item ko? 🙁

  35. David W. Fitts, Sr. says:

    Sad to say that by 2018 nothing has changed. Items ordered May 3 with delivery by May 8. On May 10 Lazada rep guaranteed delivery no later than May 14. On the night of May 14 Lazada chat rep reported that due to holiday (elections) delivery could not be made on the 14th but definitely would be delivered on the 15th. LBC tracking not updated since May 12. May 15 I contact Lazada chat rep since delivery not made. He refuses to give me a delivery date but ensures me that he will escalate my order immediately after chat and that an email will then be sent with new delivery date. May 19 I have still received no email. My wife called LBC on May 18 and for one tracking number state items were shipped to SF Cebu. For second tracking number they report it does not show in system. All items were paid for by PayPal so on May 16 I filed a claim against Lazada for items not delivered. As of today, May 19, Lazada has not responded to either me or PayPal. What is also sad is that one item from my order was shipped from China and I have already received it.

    I have ordered many of thousands of pesos worth of items from Lazada and when delivery is by LEX I have almost always received the items before or on delivery date. But LBC is totally different and in my opinion doesn’t give a sh*t about their clients/customers. So what if they lose a very small percentage of business, people have few choices of getting items delivered so have little choice other than LBC. I personally think if Lazada dropped LBC entirely maybe things might change. But for now LBC gives Lazada a very bad image.

    From LBC Tracking on May 19:
    May 15, 2018 Forwarded to SF – CEBU.
    May 15, 2018 Forwarded to SCS TACLOBAN.
    May 14, 2018 Arrived at CFS PORT AREA.
    May 12, 2018 Forwarded to CFS PORT AREA.
    May 11, 2018 Arrived at SOLUTIONS CROSSDOCK ALABANG (QTY: 1).
    May 11, 2018 Arrived at LAZADA CABUYAO (QTY: 1).
    May 11, 2018 Accepted at ACCEPTED AT LAZADA CABUYAO (QTY: 1).

    • waebi says:

      Hi David,
      Thank you for your feedback and your information. I merged your two postings.

      I fully agree with your last sentences:
      If Lazada dropped LBC entirely maybe things might change. But for now LBC gives Lazada a very bad image.
      The big problem is that no real alternative exists. LBC has the biggest network in the Philippines. Others such as JRS or AIR21 are smaller and/or more expensive.
      PHLpost isn’t a real alternative. Depending on where you live, you get your mail in time or you do not get it at all. Maybe Lazada should offer different freight forwarders in their offer and bill according tariffs?

      Sorry, I cannot offer any reliable solution for your problem.

      Cheers, waebi

  36. NamiCatBurglar says:

    Good day, i ordered a product from china which i never knew in the first place, since im a first timer ordering thru lazada, im kinda confused because i just ordered the said item last june 9, 2018.. after 7 days of waiting, i received a text message via LBC(June 17,2018), it stated a tracking number and a word that says in transit to our delivery hub. Pls expect delivery within 1-3 days. In the back of my mind, i tried to open and check out the tracking number, it says june 16, 2018 arrived at solutions crossdock alabang, in june 17,2018 is being forwarded to tagbilaran delivery hub and since june 17 was sunday, i expected there is no delivery work on sundays so i started the counted days about the message to expect the delivery 1-3 days. Today will be the last day of my product delivery expectations, is there a highest percentage that LBC will do the delivery on time as what i received via text message?

    In lazada as i ordered there was an information that i might received it on june 23 up to 29. I totally badly needed the product though i have to patiently wait cos i didnt knew the product was shipped from china.. what do you think about this??

    • waebi says:

      I think that you should call LBC in Tagbilaran. Give them your tracking number and ask them about your item’s whereabouts.
      Alabang crossdocking seems to be the black hole. Before an item arrives at this facility, you always can ask Lazada. Once
      it is in the facility, it is LBC who is 100% responsible.

      For instance stay calm. We often ship goods with LBC, JRS and AIR21. Between Manila and Camiguin we encountered shipping times
      from less than 2 days up to 8 days.

      Wishing you good luck. Cheers, waebi

      • Nami Cat Burglar says:

        Thank you so much for your advice sir, im splendidly satisfied LBC job, it took a while though but atleast it was delivered after 4days of waiting, and a total of 2 weeks since it came from china(the product).. i will order rings, coats and earrings in the near future on lazada…

        Gotta saved up more money, haha.. but i am here to ask something about the courier and its blackhole in alabang crossdock..

        Can we choose a courier type on lazada or its actually automatic that LBC will our courier? And about this alabang crossdock blackhole, is there any facility to be received other than alabang crossdock solutions??

        Im a bit scared to about it, and i thought my product wouldn’t be delivered on the exact date conditions…

        And now im planning to order material things for fashion in the near future, i hope no problem and bad things will happen like wrapping up my order and change to different one(ordered being stealed) or perhaps there could be a chance that my order will not as good as what i saw in the photo..

        What can you say or suggest about this sir? Thank you for giving a bit amount of time to answer our questions and troubles/problems in LBC and LAZADA..

  37. Jovelyn says:

    OMG upon searching, my confusion answer this all. So i was a victim too of this CFS PORT.. My order has been deliver to cfs port on june27 and its stucked there for 2 days. No progress. Still hoping to receive it in the date given to be received.

  38. Melody says:

    Kung pwede lang puntahan yang Solutions Crossdock sa Alabang para pickupin na lang yung item from Lazada. Nov6-9 expected delivery date ko ng item from overseas and nov 9 na ngayon nasa Alabang pa rin ung last status. Wala na.. nakain na ng Black hole. I paid via Lazada Wallet.

  39. Kornholio says:

    Never again order any appliances from Lazada because LBC always handles these items. I would recommend ordering small items only, like gadgets, phones, etc. The bottom line is the problem is with LBC.

  40. Poldo says:

    Thanks for this article. Now I know wag na kong mag-expect, hindi na ko aasang darating ang order ko today. Pambihirang Patis!

  41. Walter E. says:

    LBC Express That name is a joke. It should be LBC Snail service, i had a return to Lazada it Took LBC 10 days to pick it up then thy kept it for 8 days in their Kalibo fcility after it started moving agin it paused for 2 days at every stop in between arrived at Lazada after more than 2 weeks after pick up. An other one return now sat 8 days at the store then took 2 days to Iloilo now waiting since 2 days to move . again. I hope Lazada cuts its business relationship with that company soon

  42. Victor says:

    @waebi, it has been 2 years since you posted this. Whatever happened to your package?

  43. Marvin says:

    naku, im expecting 2 packages pa nmn na medyo valuable, i paid already through card. . . mare-receive ko kaya???

  44. Eroz says:

    Ako nag order ako 12.12 kasi sale daw.
    Until now Dec.23 2018
    Wala parin 🙁

  45. Francis says:

    I just ordered a DSLR Camera worth 28k and it’s taking forever to deliver, I have parallel orders of the same origin which is either hongkong or china but they have been delivered already after a week. The difference between them is that the other packages were handled by LEX while the DSLR is being handled by LBC. As soon as I saw LBC in the tracking page, I feel immediately dismayed and lost all of the excitement lol.. This is my first DSLR and looks like it will ruin my experience just as what happened last year when I ordered a phone. I trust Lazada sytem though, even they have been making alot of mistakes with my recent orders. I’ll just have to call them or chat and they’ll take action. As for LBC, may they rot in the corner of hell for bad service.

    • waebi says:

      The problem seems still to be with the LBC crossdocking in Alabang.
      I wonder why Lazada has not yet has not yet changed their fright forwarder. There must be a reason.
      Keep strong and do not let go. Call Lazada twice a day and send them e-mails. It’s them who have your money.
      It’s them who are your contractual partner. Even if it is not their fault, they are responsible.
      Please keep us informed about the ongoing processing.
      Cheers, waebi

      • Francis says:

        Right, something is fishy with the cross docking in alabang as I have called lazada and they said that they have already forwarded my shipment to LBC. I am working also in logistics field and these guys surely is doing something wrong. I’ll have to keep pressuring lazada so that they can expedite my shipment, it’s been 2 weeks already and nowhere to be seen.

      • Francis says:

        After pestering Lazada and LBC Twitter account. I was able to have them deliver my parcel immediately when it arrived in their warehouse. Salute to the guy who delivery my package as it was raining hard. Took pretty long but the branch responded quickly to dispatch my package for delivery. It was the only package he delivered today.


        • waebi says:

          Hi Francis,
          Thank you for your update. Enjoy your new camera.
          We are also happy with our local LBC staff. They really do sometimes “impossible missions”.
          The big problem still is the interface between Lazada and LBC at the LBC crossdocking in Alabang.
          Cheers from the little island in the south

  46. Leian says:

    My order order arrival is april 9 – 23 i ordered it on april 2 and it is from china.Im kinda worried because it is in crossdock alabang i was really hoping to receive it on april 11 because i already received an email that it is already in alabang since april 9.Is the issue “Black hole” not fixed? I hope i will not experience inconvenience with lazada for it is my first time ordering. 🙁

    • waebi says:

      Hi Leian,
      Sorry to read that you also might have problems with LBC crossdock in Alabang.
      But you still have time. Lazada knows that freight handling in the Philippines can be very slow.
      This is why they gave you the wide arrival date span from April 9 to 23.
      Please keep us informed about your delivery.
      Cheers, waebi

  47. Barry Wolff says:

    I am in a black hole now with my package at the legendary container yard in Cebu know as ‘CFS Port Area.’ The parcel was schedule for LEX delivery but, after a significant delay, got passed to LBC where I guess it came by container shipment. Note that this is today Wendnesday 25 April 2019 so nothing much has changed with LBC and the Black Hole.

  48. Prem Pant says:

    My order no 891015229258 also showing from 11 May that it’s in Alabang, I am also staying in Alabang but it’s not moving, it’s very strange, called the customer service but they can’t answer that why they are not sending

  49. R. Rehfeldt says:

    It is a well known fact that the LBC delivery staff is kinda lazy. If your address is not located within a town or at the highway then you’ve got bad cards.
    They claim to be at your house but either you were not around or not able to pay for COD.
    In my case that happened now a couple times and every single time it was a lie since there is someone at home at any time, mostly me.
    After a few days they send it back to Lazada or to the seller and your reputation goes down with it.

    • waebi says:

      Yes, this is a second problem. But it’s not only LBC. PHLPOST once stored my mail over 2 years, because they didn’t know where I live. When I expected a very important letter, I went to the post office and clearly told them to look for my mail. They found two big packs. Many letters had already been eaten by termites.
      Cheers, waebi

  50. Ralph Matthew says:

    Ask ko lang po if there’s any other way to contact lazada other than via call or email, hindi kasi sila nag rereply sa email or paulit ulit lang sinasagot sakin sa call. same thing din po kasi nangyari sakin i ordered a 40inch tv last nov 2019 and paid it via credit which is my fault but the reason why i paid it via cc kasi supposedly gift ko sa lola ko sa province yung tv and ayoko sana nila malaman yung price. my order was reshipped from xde logistics to lbc after that na stuck na sa kanila hindi na umusad yung status ng order ko.

    • waebi says:

      I translated your message from “Taglish” to English:

      I just ask if there is any other way to contact lazada other than via call or email, because they do not respond to the email or repeatedly reply to me during the call. same thing because it happened when i ordered a 40inch tv last nov 2019 and paid it via credit which is my fault but the reason why i paid it via cc is because it is supposedly a gift to my grandmother in my province of tv and they don’t want to know price. my order was reshipped from XDE logistics to LBC after that they were stuck so my order status did not progress.


      1. Try to contact LBC and Lazada again by phone, chat or e-mail. You must be a pit patient. Their call centers are very busy because of coming Christmas.
      2. Contact your bank who issued the credit card and ask them to block the payment because of non fulfillment of the contract.
      3. If the payment is blocked, contact Lazada again. They either proceed or make you order again.

      It’s nasty when this happens for a gift. I hope the problem will be resolved in time.
      Cheers, waebi

  51. sol ermita says:

    The black hole is still alive and well in planet Lazada and its eating my order at the moment.

    My order estimated arrival June 9-15 but the black hole swallowed it at June 9 at 8:33am and until now is not done with it. I called up LBC support yesterday afternoon (June 15 – takes almost forever before calls get through) and was answered by Ms. Shara but she told me LBC cant do anything about my shipment because it is still under Lazada’s hand. Ms. Shara suggested to ask my shipper to talk to Lazada so black hole will spit my order out. I did contact my shipper and asked if they could help but I cant wait any longer so I called up Lazada support myself to find out what happened and yes it also takes almost forever before I get connected and even in their recording I was told it was out for delivery and to wait for it. Very Funny. Mr. Rommel answered finally after many dropped calls and told me he will monitor on it and make sure the black hole will spit it out to LBC.

    Today, June 16, I wake up early, excited and checked – lo and behold! the blackhole still not done chewing my parcel. and I paid php6,450.00 for the shipping fee.

    • waebi says:

      The Black Hole is permanent structure here. It’s stability is deeply anchored in the culture.
      But it does not only touch Lazada and LBC. It touches any on-line platform mixed with any delivery company.
      There are pairings that work better and there are worst case pairings.

      I am just now waiting for a deliver from Singapore. It is already 10 days overdue. The tracking system did never work.
      Cheers, waebi

  52. TruthShouldBeKnown says:


  53. TruthShouldBeKnown says:


    • Yukichan says:

      The exact thing happened in my order in lazada. I ordered a box of goods for my business lst june 26.. and yet until now, i haven’t received my orders.. tssk. Very disappointing .

  54. Lou says:

    I am in the same situation, my order has been stuck in Crossroad Alabang and then forwarded to LBC Tacloban distribution, but it has been over 20 days and still no update on the status of my shipment.

    • waebi says:

      COVID-19 made this Crossdocking issue even worse.
      But LBC has real problems. We recently shipped different items between Eastern Samar and Camiguin.
      3 CDs sent with LBC needed about 3 weeks.
      1 drone sent wit JRS needed only 6 days.

      So, if Lazada lets you choose the fright forwarder, I rather recommend JRS or Ninja Van.

      Stay save!
      Cheers, waebi

  55. Ruy M says:

    Same experience here, I placed my order (311688651387046) last August 14,2020 and also paid for it thru Lazada wallet. The estimated delivery should be last Aug 19-20. I reported the problem to Lazada’s customer care that the item delivery is beyond the expected delivery. They told me that the delivery was extended to Aug 21-25. I was very upset that still i did not receive the item and worst, i can not track where it is and no feedback coming from their end. I reported 3x to Lazada’s Customer Care and same of those agent replied that they do not have any trace to the item. Last Aug 25 i tried to track the item thru LBC (98100000349638) and it appears that the item was received at Lazada Cabuyao last Aug 24 and was transferred to Solutions Crossdock Alabang last Aug 25,2020. I share this experience because I’m worried if my item has passed thru that Black hole. Attention to Lazada, please do something about this kind of act.

    • waebi says:

      Same as before.
      During these COVID-19 exception delivery can be much slower than usual.
      I would give LBC 10 to 14 days more than usual.
      But being now already for 2 days at Solutions Crossdock Alabang is a rather bad sign.

      Cheers, waebi

  56. Kvn M says:

    I have the same experience here. Placed my order on Aug. 18, expected delivery date Aug 25-27. It’s already Aug 30 and my order has not arrived yet.

  57. Roger says:

    Same thing happened to me in 2020! My order was Aug 3. It’s already Sept 1 and its still not delivered. I paid 22k via credit card ( huge mistake! ) First time I ordered anything beyond 8k and this happens.

    Lazada customer support promises to update you within 1-2 days but they never do. When you follow-up its always the same promise. It just repeats over and over. They give no information.

    My order was untraceable for 19 days. The tracking number was “invalid” until it suddenly appeared on LBC’s tracking site — yep, right where this 2016 blog said the Black Hole is located — SOLUTIONS CROSSDOCK ALABANG.

    It resurfaced during the time I was following up with the seller, Lazada and LBC — so I don’t know which one of them has been hiding the package for 3 weeks. It could be any one of them but none of them are admitting who is the culprit.

    • waebi says:

      Hi Roger,
      Thank you for your feedback. 22k is a big amount to lose in a black hole.
      In fact it is a four-tier relationship:
      – you, the customer
      – LBC, the fright forwarder
      – Lazada, the service provider
      – and the original seller
      At any interface between the 4 players a problem can occur. In my opinion LAZADA is the responsible company. Ask your credit card company to cancel the payment and inform Lazada about your action.
      I just got reimbursed by PayPal in a litigation with Leite Network Technology Co., Ltd.
      This is another on-line vendor in Shenzen. Probably I’ll write another article about on-line shopping during COVID-19 quarantines and lockdowns.

      Cheers, waebi

  58. Marsupilami74 says:

    I ordered monitor on 8 of Aug and the item is still in the Sorting Center, it’s been almost a month now. The item is just sitting still, no movement it has been there sense 11of Aug. Still waiting, hopefully the item is good condition when it has been delivered. (COD)

    • waebi says:

      One month is really a long time.
      Did you call Lazada? What did they say?
      As you know the tracking status, you also should call LBC.

      If you live out in the province, then delivery can be very slow or even impossible.
      A friend received a message from Lazada saying that his parcel with destination Guiuan (Eastern Samar) could not be delivered.

      Cheers, waebi

  59. Mavs Arcos says:

    Same story with my order. I ordered a Christmas tree last Dec 15. I also ordered several items from Dec. 12-Dec. 17. All the other items, even the ones from overseas areived already. Matatapos na yung pasko, wala pa yung Christmas tree. The tree was the only package shipped via LBC. Very disappointed by their service. Lazada orders should never be shipped via LBC anymore.

    • waebi says:

      Yes, the LBC problem is known.
      But very recently I made a strange experience with Ninja Van.
      8 days after my parcel had left their Laguna distribution center, they called me and asked whether I still would like to receive my parcel. Strange!
      It arrived then another 8 days later.
      Cheers, waebi

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