Camiguin: the Dive and Eco-Tourism Paradise

Active Boating & Watersports June 2013

We, who live in Camiguin, we know it. But now we got another confirmation.:

On Camiguin Island the myriad of unspoiled places are all derived from eons of Mother Nature’s exquisite evolution: rain forest, springs, rivers, waterfalls & coral reefs, and the unique animal and plant life forms that thrive therein.

The magazine “Active Boating & Watersports” presents our island in their June 2013 edition.

Active Boating & Watersports June 2013

Camiguin has recognized the growing global interest in ecotourism and thus, the oppor-tunity to provide alternative in-come to its residents through its promotion as an ecotourism destination. It stands at a crossroads: on the one hand it has recognized the “tourism potential” of its uniqueness – being the smallest island on the planet with no less than seven volcanoes; and, on the other hand, realizing the islands’ potential as rapidly as possible will mean degrading much of the potential uniqueness of the island before it has established its full potential.

There needs to be a third path. A low-impact path, one that allows the development and promotion without the degradation. The third path will take a little longer to plan and to achieve.

You can download the whole magazine for free. Either here Link or here Link.

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