Camiguin Weather – #1 – HAGUPIT/Ruby


All weather agencies are now fully concentrated on Samar and the approaching Super Typhoon HAGUPIT/Ruby. They have much more resources than we have here in Camiguin. But our families and friends should know how we are going on our little island. We’ll update our Camiguin Weather reports about once per hour.

The general situation


Our weather station is on the beach in Agoho, some 5 kilometers north of Mambajao.

Camiguin Weather – overview


Comment: Not too bad at all. At this moment we enjoy even sunshine

Camiguin Weather – wind speed


Since this morning wind is a bit freshening. The wind speed is still a normal breeze from the sea.

Camiguin Weather –  atmospheric pressure


The pressure shows the daily variation due to the tides. Think of an average line between the peaks. This shows that pressure is slowly decreasing.

Next Camiguin Weather update around 1 p.m.


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2 Responses

  1. David Della Torre says:

    Hello, sorry i dont know if this s the right channel to ask but My wife is stocked in camiguin, do you know how is the situation of the ferries to CDO? Thanks, I am in Italy and I am a little bit worried

    • waebi says:

      Hello David,
      I am also stuck in Camiguin. We should fly to Vietnam today.
      There are no ferries today because the sea is really rough.
      PAL and CEB told us this morning that they’ll decide around 1 p.m.
      whether they fly this afternoon.

      The situation here is OK. No strong wind and no strong rain at all.
      Cheers, waebi

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