Do not “google” in the Philippines

Google Philippines Ferry
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I wonder when the government will send a letter to Google. Last week they sent a letter to Dan Brown complaining about his comparison of Manila with the “Gate to Hell”. See here Link

Now i fear that Google will get a similar letter. This morning I needed a picture of a ferry in the Philippines. I used auntie Google’s services and typed “Philippines Ferry [image]“. Try it! Link

Sorry, I got shocked …

Google Philippines Ferry

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The shock starts already in the first line. 3 out of 6 photos show capsized or sinking ferries. When you continue and scroll down, about 50% of the photos show ferry disasters in the Philippines.

I think DOTC Secretary Joseph Emilio (Jun) Abaya should immediately do something!

The good action would be to make all ferries in the Philippines much more safer.
The less good action would be to ask Google not to display capsized and sinking ferries.
Which action will Abaya choose? 

 Bye Bye, I have to take the ferry to Cagayan on Wednesday.

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