Not Boracay – this is Camiguin, the real thing

Camiguin, not Boracay

This is Camiguin! The little island in the southern Bohol Sea is slowly but steadily developing. While Boracay suffers from mass tourism, Camiguin attracts people who like the real things. 

Camiguin for kite boarders

The white sandbar called “White Island” by tourists and “Medano” by the indigenous people is perfect for kite boarding. This small island continuously changes its shape and adapts to winds. There is always a wavy beach on the wind side and a quiet lagoon on the opposite side. During the Amihan season, like now, the calm side lays in the west towards Old Vulcan Daan. Later, during the Habagat season, it is quiet on the eastern side. And the best of all: there aren’t hundreds of kites in the air. Only your’s and those of your friends. You cannot yet rent kiteboarding equipment on our island, so its BYO!

Kiteboarding Kiteboarding
Wind, sun, sea and white sand Good wind mostly in the afternoon
Kiteboarding Kiteboarding
When wind is strong, jump over white island No corals, no rocks.

 Kiteboarding, it’s more fun in Camiguin …

Camiguin for flying and more

You needn’t be an adrenaline junkie to fly with Sean Clarke. Camiguin Aviation offers quiet flights over the sandy islands, an island roundtrip, a volcano tour and of course an aerobatic fusion. Contact Sean and get the appointment of your choice. Sean and his American Champion Super Decathlon 8KCAB are fully certified. Take your own camera with you or let Sean produce a movie from his multiple cameras on and in the aircraft. Photos courtesy of Sean Clarke.

Aerobatic - high adrenaline Aerobatic - high adrenaline
 Not the usual way you see our island from the air  Below is white island, but watch the faces
Aerobatic - high adrenaline Aerobatic - high adrenaline
 An Immelmann with a smile  Let your emotions be free like a bird

Camiguin sunset bars

Our beaches are white and black sand and volcanic rocks and cliffs. If you like a Blue Marguerita or a Dry Martini without a thousand noisy people and deafening disco sound, then go to one of the still few beach bars that offer serene sunsets and cocktails at still reasonable prices. Don’t expect low price happy hour syrups with more ice than drink, get the real thing in Camiguin. Photos courtesy of Balai sa Baibai on Agoho beach.

Balai sa Baibai Balai sa Baibai
Balai sa Baibai Balai sa Baibai

If you want to know more about our wonderful little island, visit our new pages.

See you soon in our air, on our seas and under water …


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  1. Simone says:

    Definitely a place worth to go 🙂 One of the most beautiful island I have experienced so far. I would call it ” Little Switzerland”. Clean, lovely gardens, Vulcanoes for climbing, hot springs and streaming waterfall . Who wants to see more about the beautiful island klick here

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