Cleanup in the Philippine sky

A big cleanup in the Philippine sky is happening these days.

Zest Air: After the non starting international flights early this year, the company seems to be in big financial troubles. Insiders speak of a debt of USD 120 millions.
Their Chinese made MA-60 need a C-check and are now for sale. But nobody wants them.
We recommend to be careful with Zest Air bookings. You might stay on ground…

Mid-Sea Express is selling their Jetstream 32. Gerard G. Olvis writes that the bird is going back to Australia.
Interesting: On their website Mid-Sea-Express announce 4 new routes…
We recommend to go on foot or sail with a pump-boat.

SEAIR: There are rumors that they get back to their prop-business. But meanwhile there is no more than rumors. 

Avia Tours: No news since the last deadly crash in Masbate.

But there seem to be good news in the air. We got e-mail messages from two companies.
We are currently checking these companies and will report a.s.a.p.

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