Midsea-Express Service Interruption

Midsea-Express cancels all flights from June 1 to June 4.

Until April this year, Midsea-Express announced their maintenance schedules 3 to 4 weeks before the service interruption. So one could either book an earlier flight or travel by sea.

But the newest Maintenance Check from June 1 to 4 they simply have missed. On their website they still announce the service interruption in April.

And worse, passengers who had booked the CAM-CEB flight of tomorrow, June 1, were informed about the cancellation only yesterday afternoon around 4:30 PM.

Quo vadis Midsea-Express? 

[Editor’s comment:] It is really difficult to operate an airline with only one aircraft. Let’s hope that Midsea-Express soon earns enough to buy a second one.
On the other hand it shouldn’t be so difficult to calculate the exact dates for A, B and C-Checks in advance. The check intervals are in function of the number of operating hours and the number of starts and landings. The latter two numbers should be equal LOL.  Why not calculate in advance and inform travelers 6 or 12 months ahead. With this calculation they also should be able not to sell tickets for these dates!

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2 Responses

  1. Jürgen Witte says:

    This looks quite unprofessional.
    Even considering they only have one J31 to run the schedule it´s a pretty simple task to set up a corresponding maintenance schedule. Such would make it easy to block out reservations for the relevant dates.

    It leaves a really bad taste among passengers (tourists in particular) to receive cancellation calls so late that it´s almost impossible to make any alternative arrangements !

    This occurrence makes me wonder if it´s not regular maintenance but an unexpected problem that made them cancel …
    Either way it´s not sending a positive message to the world …

  2. Dodong says:

    Midsea Express webpage says different: No Flight Schedule on June 6-21, 2012 (all routes) due to recurrent training required by CAAP for Airline Pilots.——» We will keep you posted or you can call our MidSea Customer Service at (032) 495-6976 .

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