Nasty weather but no particular danger

Sanba / Karen 2012-09-12

Tropical storm and soon typhoon Sanba / Karen is heading northwards. It will not make landfall in the Philippines but its outer rain-bands and  peripheral winds bring nasty weather to the Visayas and later Luzon.

Sanba / Karen 2012-09-12

Typhoon Sanba / Karen is expected to get stronger during the next two days and may become a typhoon category 3. 

As it is within PAR (the Philippine Area of Responsibility) PAGASA will report twice daily. Our friends in Naga ( are off-line because their boss gets married and will be out of office for honeymoon vacation. 

Our best wishes go to David Michael V. Padua and his wife. Happy honeymoon! ApplauseYahoo

And sorry, we also will be out of office until Saturday. We recommend to visit our weather page. Link

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1 Response

  1. juanpedro says:

    Nice, that the responsible man from typhon2000 ist celebrating his wedding and honeymoon. I`m only wondering, that there is only one guy, who can update the weather-site.

    pagasa is more and more late with forecast`s; incorrect also. The only usable weatherforcast was until now TYPHOON 2000. and now this flop since many days.

    nothing against absence for wedding; but it doesn`t sound responsible for me.

    we can only hope, that nothing really bad happens with the weather! it`s really more fun in the Philippines!


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