Data Loss in the Tropics – Copy your Data to New Media

Data Loss in the Tropics

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  1. R. Ramirez says:

    hi! i have read your post about Smart dated june 5, 2012. here’s the link.

    in the last comment you wrote,
    “To close this answer:
    – SMART and I settled the conflict of 2012 in a civilised and friendly manner.”

    i would like to ask how was your issue settled? did you pay all the charges/fees?
    according to one from the comments, the case to be filed in court by their lawyers is just a bluff. is this true?

    • waebi says:

      Thank you for digging in our blog and you are off topic. Here we discuss hard-disk salvage and backups.
      But sorry, I have to give you the same answer I sent to Clyde earlier this year.
      7 years ago, SMART and I settled the problem in a friendly manner.
      All I can say is that we never had a court case.
      Cheers, waebi

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