Dayrooms in NAIA-1

NAIA-1 Dayroom

Dayrooms in NAIA-1  are an often asked question. Every day we get up to 3 inquiries of travelers who would like to reserve one of these day rooms. But it’s complicatedly.

The rooms

Twelve air-conditioned “day rooms” can be rented for PHP 840 (USD 19) each for 24 hours. The rooms are located on the fourth floor of Terminal 1 right beside the Sampaguita lounge. So these rooms are within the departure area of NAIA-1 and guests must have checked-in and must have passed immigration and security check.
Each room, measuring 3×3 meters, has a private toilet and shower.

NAIA-1 Dayroom
Enough space
NAIA-1 Dayroom
Private bathrooom

Communication Problem

Visitors of our website complain that they can’t get any communication information. We wrote several e-mails to MIAA and NAIA management. We never received an answer although the mails were received and read. Why?

Today we called NAIA-1’s Passenger & Customer Relations and got the answer. There is no dedicated e-mail address and no website for these dayrooms. All you can do to reserve, is calling them:

+63 2 877 1109

A friendly lady told us that guests need to have checked-in and must have passed immigration and security checks. That’s nice!
How the heck can you get a longer nap when check-in counters open only 3 hours before take-off?

Questions and more questions

  1. Can transit-passengers have access to these dayrooms?
    If yes, how do they have to proceed?
  2. Can transit-passengers have access to these dayrooms when their connecting flight departs from another terminal?
  3. How can departing passengers check-in 8 or 12 or more hours before departure?

Again a marketing disaster

Airport hotels and dayrooms are a real need for an international airport. In many airports one finds luxurious hotels with their astronomic rates (e.g. Zurich Radisson Blu from CHF 179 ) or good hotels with absolutely reasonable rates (e.g. Sama-Sama Express – Airside Transit Hotel in Kuala Lumpur from USD 60)

Other airports have a dedicated page on their website, e.g. Singapore Changi Airport. MIAA and NAIA management do not feel concerned. Such a page can be programmed in one day or so and would make so many tired travelers happy.

The only contact possibility is above local phone number (landline).

Our offer

rwx-support, owner of Silent-Gardens and, offers to program a presentation page and a booking system for free. This page can be integrated in MIAA’s existing website or can be driven as a stand-alone website. This offer is valid until April 30, 2015. Catch it! Target date would be June 15.


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17 Responses

  1. grace says:

    How can a departing passenger check in to this room if we are waiting for 12hrs?

  2. Senmu says:

    +63-2-854-7549 is the direct phone number I was given by the airport after calling the one listed in this blog. When I called today, they were already full and had no vacancies. However, I was able to make reservations for my trip next week. Rachel answered the phone, took my name and arrival time and quoted me a price of 2700 pesos for a standard room or 3100 for a superior room. She said if I called from Terminal 2 after arriving they would send somebody over to pick me up and bring me to the landside airport hotel. This price is a lot different than the blog says too. It isn’t 19 $USD, but closer to $56 or $65 per room. I can report back on my experience staying there if people have questions.

    • waebi says:

      Dear Senmu,
      You mix up two different things. This blog article describes the dayrooms available inside NAIA-1 terminal.
      What you describe is the Manila Airport Hotel outside of NAIA-1 terminal.
      But anyway thank you for the information you provided.
      Cheers, waebi

  3. Senmu says:

    Thanks for clarifying that. I discovered there is a different transit hotel available in Terminal 3. It looks professionally managed. See

  4. waebi says:

    Looks good. Here some more information:

    The 400 square meter facility is a “pay-per-use” space that people can access for an average of PHP 500 or USD 5 per person.

    For PHP 500, guests can avail themselves of a two-hour stay at the lounge, with access to a buffet prepared by celebrity chef Pablo “Boy” Logro. For an extended stay, guests must shell out an additional PHP 175 an hour.
    For guests in need of a nap, capsules are provided for PHP 880 for a minimum of five hours’ stay and a meal. Guests who want a nap, a meal and a shower must be prepared to pay PHP 1,000. An added hour of stay costs PHP 200 more.
    Like a hotel, the lounge has twin rooms that cost PHP 1,600 for five hours and PHP 350 for every hour extension. Bunk rooms good for 3 persons cost PHP 2,100 for five hours’ stay, with every hour extension costing PHP 450. A family room that accommodates four persons costs PHP 2,600 with every additional hour costing PHP 350.
    Hand and foot services, such as manicure – pedicure and foot scrubs, are priced from PHP 300 to PHP 1,000, while massages cost from PHP 350 to PHP 675. A shower costs P300 while barber services range from PHP 150 to PHP 300.

    Cheers, waebi

  5. sheryl says:

    please, do u know the name of the hotel located just across naia terminal 1, where the shuttle picks up passenger? thanks.

  6. Kaye says:

    VERY NOISY STAFF! Paid 1,680/pax and you cant even sleep because their staff are too LOUD! They cant even follow their #1 rule OBSERVE SILENCE daw.

  7. Abdullah Alwhibi says:

    i am coming from a domestic flight 5th of November in the evening and my international flight in 6 november morning can i use one day room. thanx.

  8. baikong saidulh says:

    helllo. i want to book a room for 10 hours in the evening on november 5 i have internationl flight

  1. October 23, 2015

    […] The international terminal fee is now included in the ticket cost (since about Feb '15). To actually get into T3 you have to show your itinerary, so not sure you would get into the area. You could say in the Day Rooms in T1 which you can call and book ahead (all for US$19. Seems like the simplest thing. […]

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