Gone fishing !

Fishing in Camiguin

Weather here in the south is still quiet good. A small crescent moon is soon to set and a dark night without wind to expect. The perfect weather for fishing.

Fishing in Camiguin
Our neighbor fisherman with a makeshift petroleum lantern. He told me that tonight he has only fuel for 6 hours – then he will come back and sleep.

Fishing in Camiguin

Fitting of the lanterns on the wooden boat. The lampshades have either mirrors inside or are polished to concentrate the light downwards.

Fishing in Camiguin
A last push and the party is ready. Sky and sea approach with the same shades of dark blue.

Fishing in Camiguin

The boats are out in the sea. Tonight again we’ll see a string of pearls on the horizon. In some nights over 50 boats are off our shore. 

This is what makes the Philippines and particularly Camiguin so wonderful. We live with the people here, we share our lives, we learn from them and they copy from us. Tomorrow morning – maybe already at 01:00 a.m. I expect the whistling of the fishermen informing me that they caught fine fish or prawns. Then I’ll go to the beach and buy tomorrow’s lunch and maybe also dinner fresh from the sea.

What do you need more to be happy?


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