HAGUPIT/Ruby is weakening, but


HAGUPIT/Ruby is weakening, but this makes the problem somehow worse. This slow storm unloads billions of tons of water over the Visayas and Bicol. This water is worse than the wind. 

A well built house can withstand even a strong typhoon. But the same house is heavily damaged when flooded. If the house is built on a slope and the slope slides, then the house is destroyed. Roads have no problems with storms. Even wind of 300 km/h does not destroy a road. But floods are digging away the underground and the road is gone

A similar effect is observed with crops. A rice field usually survives strong winds with very few damages, but when the nearly ripe rice is under water during days, the whole harvest is lost. Cattle can be brought to shelter like humans. But cattle needs food – a lot of food. Where can they gaze when everything is under water?

flooded rice fields

Nothing will grow here during weeks and months.


A rather small landslide. This problem can be solved within hours.


Such road damages create big problems. Supplies can only be brought with small and light vehicles. How can people survive in remote areas?

Here you can follow the HAGUPIT/Ruby moving slowly from one island to the other.


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