Camiguin Tourism – New Impulses Needed – Now!

Camiguin Tourism

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  1. Phil says:

    new impulses can only come from new people, not only new but also professional!
    Please draw your concludions….

    • waebi says:

      For not to commit the same errors as in the past, there should be a mix of old people with experience and new people with ideas and knowledge.

  2. Jim says:

    Where does one begin?! The biggest complaints/concerns I get from clients are:
    1. Absolutely NO information on boats to/from Camiguin and if anything is available…it’s severely outdated.
    2. No connections from Bohol…even though I was recently told by a guest that they were sold tickets at the travel agent on Panglao for the Jagna Ocean Jet even though it was not running.
    3. Once on the island there is limited information and they hate being bombarded by people at the port of Benoni. (It’s a disgrace!) No organization whatsoever and totally confuses the guests.
    4. No night time transportation. Guests state they want to travel at night from one resort or establishment to another, check out nightlife, check out other restaurants/bars but they can’t find transport and don’t like to drive their motor bikes at night. ( I can’t say I blame them, with all the dogs on the road and god knows what other “obstacles”! )

    That’s just the beginning. Start with a Boat that departs and returns to Camiguin….I.e. Camiguin to Cdo in the a.m. then Camiguin to Bohol and back in the p.m. and have a website with accurate info to support and promote it. If not full load capacity start with 3 days a week and work from there.


    • waebi says:

      A good start. Biggest problems seem to be transportation (sea, land and air) and information.

      Local transportation and information could be resolved quickly. 5 to 8 well trained people with the needed commitment and with a corresponding salary could do the job.

      Sea and air transportation are much bigger challenges. We can’t bring people form/to Balingoan and Jagna, when the infrastructure in northern Mindanao and Bohol is even worse than here.

      Let’s continue our brainstorming. Solutions are within reach.

  3. Over the years a range of association both private and government have attempted to coordinate and at times collaborate to enhance tourism.
    Examples of this collaborative work being the Living Asia TV segment running for 1 year across SE Asia, promotional banners in departure ports, brochures and both the Camiguin Tourism and Camiguin Tourism Association websites

    However There were issues which conflicted with the hopes of those who attended and invested time in the associations and departments;

    1. Poor commnication between private and government groups.
    2. Duplication of work – example brochures.
    3. Poor and in some cases no attendance to Tourism meetings from members.
    4. Unwillingness of some resorts, home stays and restaurants to join the either groups/associations.
    5. Narrow group of individuals who sat on the boards and we’re constantly re elected ( as no one would come forward for election )
    6. Difficulty in engaging members due to none attendance at meetings.
    7. Difficulty collecting members dues and financial support for promotional materials.
    7. Geographically the Mambajao area was represented however there’s was minimal contribution and attendance from the other municipalities.

    Your article highlights the history of Tourism challenges and Transportation issues that urgently need addressing.
    It is my belief that a new approach which takes the best from both the private and public sector to establish a collaborative and single approach to Tourism challenges is the way forward.

    An acknowledgment of past endeavour should be noted and a new collaborative Tourism Board be formed.
    The benefits of a combined Public and Private Tourism Association would streamline future endeavour with the follow initial benefits.

    1. Public sector Tourism officers able to focus on goals and communication on a daily basis.
    2. Private sector to assist with co financing promotional activities.
    3. Public sector to enable and ensure all Tourism related establishments participation/membership in decision making and implementation of projects.
    4. Private sector to commit time and management skills to enable projects to meet goals and targets
    5. Both Public and Private sector board members to liase with relevant agencies/departments to enhance such issues as Transportation, Marketing and International collaborations.
    6. Mayoral and Govenors Office support, to ensure participation across all island businesses and government departments.

    These are but a few ideas and the thoughts of myself and my husband and hope something comes from your article.

    Best Wishes

    • waebi says:

      Dear Susan, Dear Philip,
      You know the business and you know our island. Your commitment is recognized in the community.
      Your comment is a valuable input to our information gathering.
      If you do not freeze in UK, we’ll be happy to meet you in Camiguin next month.

  4. In Camiguin there is nothing that is not possible to find much better in other places. To improve the tourism the few natural beauties, destroyed more and more from the cement, are not enough. Camiguin instead of improve resorts needs to improve her personality, starting with new ideas that can interest the visitors as something that is unique in this place 365 days a year. The transportation follows the request: I had been in many places in the world, being a journalist, and everywhere is the same story. Interesting: OK, I am interested to go. Nothing of special: I do not loose my time. Words and promotion give effect if there is in the back something that really worth and the word is full of fantastic beauties. Is not so much difficult to find a way to give to the tourists a reason to come and to spread their nice experiences. I have some projects that I got in my travels, and these projects, already working fine in other countries, can be easily adapted for Camiguin. They are connecting the natural resources, the culture and the arts. If someone is interested, we can speak of that, also if I am not so much convinced that Camiguin want to do a quality leap.

    • waebi says:

      Dear Franco,
      So true. I’ve seen the horrible results of tourism in many countries. We absolutely do not want to see this here.

      You wrote: “Camiguin instead of improve resorts needs to improve her personality, starting with new ideas that can interest the visitors as something that is unique in this place 365 days a year”.

      So simple and so true. Be unique!

      The major challenge of Camiguin is to find the balance between preserving indigenous life and nature versus getting out of poverty and beating eco-terrorism.

  5. waebi says:

    Latest News before we close today:
    Our Facebook campaign has reached 1022 people in the the target markets in only 8 hours. Cost of the operation CHF 2.03 (You even won’t get a beer for this in Switzerland).

    If you share, like and spread this message, we may reach many more people, potential friends of Camiguin. Do it now!

    Cheers – we’ll continue tomorrow.

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