Highway Butuan – Cagayan de Oro still interrupted

Balingasag 2014-01-21

The National Highway between Butuan and Cagayan de Oro is still interrupted. The bridge in Balingasag is severely damaged. A gap of more than 6 meters closes-off all tarfic between the two cities.

There is a possibility to cross the damaged bridge on temporary ladders. But this solution is only good for adventurers and no-fear people. On both sides vans make the connection to the respective city.

Yesterday’s situation:


Today’s ‘improvement’:

Balingasag 2014-01-21

Photo courtesy of Evelyn Seneca Arelacse

Compare the two pictures. You’ll see that the flood level has really decreased today. There is hope that the waters go back and approach normal level within the next days. At this moment a temporary passage through the river can be built. The repair of the damaged bridge will take months or even a lot more.


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