Jasmin by the Sea has closed the restaurant and bar

Jasmin by the Sea

Jasmin by the Sea, one of the well known resorts in Camiguin, continues to step down.

Already 2 years ago the Lonely Planet Guide lowered the once top rated resort in their ranking. The reason was the partial private use of the rooms and of one of the cottages.

Jasmin by the Sea

The Jasmin’s restaurant was known for its Euro-Pinoy kitchen. The prices were reasonable and the meals were of good quality.
If you wanted to meet new people or local expatriates, you went to Jasmin’s.
3 weeks ago, the owner decided to close the restaurant and bar for outside people.  Guests still can have their meals, but only a reduced choice is available at specific hours.
Melinda, the owner, has left Camiguin and lives now in Vienna (Austria).

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