New Ferry Schedules in the Bohol Sea

Oceanjet with Camiguin

Michèle from the Camiguin Action Geckos just informed us that:

SuperShuttleFerry sails only MON/WED/FRI from Balbagon (Camiguin) to Jagna Bohol) and back
Current active phone number for inquiries and booking: 088 387 40 34

Oceanjet suspends their trips from November 22 to 25. They have to repair the engine, they say.
 For more information call: 0926 449 2255

Oceanjet with Camiguin in the background

We observed the Oceanjet last Friday from Itum when it didn’t jet but rather crawl from Jagna to Benoni.
Let’s hope it comes back soon …

And yes, have a look at the Camiguin Action Geckos website.Link

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1 Response

  1. Mil says:

    Its my first time to travel with bolshet OCEAN JET FERRY

    Last friday November 7,2014 Dumaguete City to Cebu City ( via Tagbilaran? you know what happen?

    Im with American guy and he have a operation in his LEG, when i request the seat number for me and for american guy beside of the door and no chair in front of me and the american guy because he need to straight his leg and the lady who gives the seat number SHE IS AN IDIOT LADY 3 times i ask her if this seat number she to me and for american guy is in front of the door and no chair in front and she said yes sir, so im comfortable because i feel no problem BUT when i and the american guy is inside of the ferry already the seat number is not the chair what i want for me and for the american guy, the chair beside of the window and theres a chairs in front me and also, then the ferry crew said that we occupied the chairs in front of the door but there’s a passengers request also on that chairs but they don’t have any reason why they need to occupied the all 5 chairs, they are look professional but there attitude like a garbage, they don’t care about the situation of the american guy. the american guy have operation in his leg and he is 68 year old.

    When the ocean ferry arrive at the sea port of Tagbilaran they don’t announce that all passengers going to Cebu City need to transfer to the other ferry because the engine of the ferry is not okay to travel to Cebu City, NO ADVICE TO THE PASSENGER.

    When we come back to Dumaguete City from Cebu City November 11,2014 same what happen last November 7,2014

    OCEAN JET HAVE IDIOT, LIAR EMPLOYEE’S specially there in pier 1 who give the seat number.


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