Last Storm and Flood update today

Luzon Dam Status 2013-08-19 Late (click to enlarge)

It is now 08:00 p.m. in the Philippines – time to prepare for the night. Unfortunately there are no good news for our people in the north.

Tropical Storm TRAMI / Maring is moving very slowly away from the Philippines. At 5:00 p.m. it moved at 7 km/h north to north-east. At the same time it was intensifying. Its central pressure went down to 985 hPa and we fear that it might become a Typhoon Cat. 1 during the night. The ocean waters are very warm and fuel the cyclone. Rainfall is very strong – about 450 mm in 24 hours near the center. 

Weather 2013-08-19

5 of 9 dams in Luzon still show increasing water levels

Luzon Dam Status 2013-08-19 Late (click to enlarge)

Please listen to your local radio station, watch national TV programs and keep in contact with your local authorities. If ever possible seek shelter on higher up positions but not in landslide prone areas.

We wish everybody a safe night. We are thinking of all those who cannot find a dry bed tonight. We’ll be back early tomorrow morning.

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