The dams are full and Manila under water

Students in knee-deep floodwater in Quezon City after a heavy downpour

The dams in Luzon are full, very full, overflowing.

The  La Mesa Dam in Quezon City has been placed on red alert status Tuesday morning. Meanwhile the water level has gone up from 79.35 to 79.65. High water level is at 80.15. (All levels are in meters.)

Students in knee-deep floodwater in Quezon City after a heavy downpour  Photo courtesy of Cheryl Ravelo

Below you find a table of all dam water-levels. Aside the La Mesa dam, the IPO dam is very critical.

Dam status 07/03/2012 at 04:00 PM

And water continues to pour down on Central Luzon and Manila.

Weather 2012-07-03

Be careful:
– In Metro Manila traffic can stall at any time
– In Central Luzon roads may be interrupted by landslides
– Try to find a bed away from landslide prone zones and do not cross rivers if you do not need.

Tourists advice: If you need to catch a flight, go to the city of departure a day ahead.  Otherwise you might not be at the airport in time.

Near real-time weather information is available here Link

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  1. Rodney Faulkner says:

    Gosh so much rain, but I am glad I have read this article, Even though I am overnighting in MNL, It is handy information to be aware off.

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