Liquor ban in the Philippines – Alcohol Test in Swiss Parliament

Swiss Parliament Alcohol Test

The next 5 days parts of the Philippines will be dry. From Thursday, May 9, until Monday, May 13, residents of Metro Manila are prohibited from selling, buying or consuming, particularly in public places, alcoholic beverages in line with the nationwide liquor ban, imposed by the Commission on Elections (Comelec).

The prohibition should help prevent alcohol-induced crimes and incidents during preparations for the local and national mid-term polls.

According to Comelec Resolution 9582, only hotels and other establishments in tourist destinations accredited by the Department of Tourism are exempted from the prohibition although the management of hotels should still apply for a permit from the poll body. Only foreign tourists will be allowed to buy and drink beer, wine and other spirits during the five-day ban.

This is OK. If the ban saves only one life it has done a good job. During elections the Philippines are really “Wild East”.

What makes me even more contemplative is the fact that the restaurant in Swiss parliament “Galerie des Alpes” offers now alcohol tests. This restaurant is almost exclusively reserved for Swiss politicians of the two chambers. The executive does not show up there – maybe they know why…

This might explain some strange decisions of the Swiss legislative. The alco-test is sold at CHF 3.50 (PHP 152.00 only). A beer in a Swiss restaurant costs CHF 5.00 (PHP 217.00). 

Swiss Parliament Alcohol Test

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  1. Adi says:

    Just imagine you are a Tourist/backpacker here in the Philippines for 2 weeks only… You walk around and you want to drink a beer somewhere and they just say:”Sorry Sir we have liquor ban, come again next week after election”…. How would you feel? And, especially, is that the Way to promote the Philippines as a Nr. 1 Tourist Destination? Weird & stupid sometimes, but we still love to live here right?

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