ming’s & more – new food quality in Camiguin

Smoked Ham

ming’s & more – new food quality in Camiguin! This morning at 08:08 a.m. Ludy and Peter Ming have opened their specialized Deli and Meat shop in Kuguita, Camiguin.

ming's & more
Ribbon cutting at 08:08 a.m. Ludy, Stephanie and Peter.

ming’s & more produces good things with local ingredients, local staff and local equipment. We are a small team of indigenous people lead by Swiss expatriate Peter Ming. Their satisfied customers are restaurants, resorts and private persons. This is why you may encounter and savor ming’s & more products anywhere on Camiguin island. Ask your chef …

You may want to visit the ming’s & more website.

First of all, ming’s & more produces and processes meat. When you live in the Philippines, you know how difficult it is to find meat and meat products of good quality. Imported meat products are industrial food full of chemicals and preservatives. Local butcher lack the knowledge of cutting and processing. This is the niche Peter discovered.

ming’s & more grow their own pigs or buy them from farmers they know. The secret is hidden in the herbs recipes and the smoking process. Ludy and Peter have their own herbs garden well secluded forest clearing.

ming's & more
First customers study the offer of ming’s & more shop.

One can not eat only meat. ming’s & more have attached a small convenience store to their meat processing business. In this shop one finds other good things especially from Peter’s origins – Switzerland. A wonderful side-dish, the “Spaetzle” are also produced in Kuguita.

ming's & more
The vacuumized “Spaetzle” are in the center.

You can buy ming’s & more on the internet in their web-shop or pass by at their on-site store in Kuguita, Camiguin

ming's & more

The shop in a secluded forest clearing. A street sign on the highway in Kuguita indicates the 250 meters access road through a tropical forest.

Good luck Ludy, Stephanie and Peter.


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