“NO WORDS” #FeelCamiguin – an off-track Tourism Campaign

Camiguin - where else ...

“NO WORDS” #FeelCamiguin – a kind of different tourism campaign.

Camiguin’s tourism advertisements are always a bit different from the others. And often they are good to excellent. Or at least people are talking about the videos.

Do you remember “This is Camiguin“. This video from  2014 made its way around the world. The script idea of this 3 years old video is interesting:
Show video clips from areas on Camiguin island which are usually attributed to other countries or islands. Then inform the audience: “This isn’t X, this is Camiguin“.
For those who don’t know this former campaign, here is the movie again:

This is Camiguin from Camiguin Unseen on Vimeo.

“NO WORDS” #FeelCamiguin

The new campaign is also a bit different!

The video starts with a tourist talking to her friend who unfortunately left her alone because of a work emergency. She is complaining about how small and boring Camiguin is and wondering what she will do in the area alone. She then is approached by a friendly mute tour guide who takes her for a joy ride while riding a motorcycle. Although she is reluctant and fears the tourist guide at first, as the video progresses, the main character is caught by the island’s beauty.

The whole video shows all the different breathtaking sightseeing places, mouthwatering delicacies, and friendly natives of Camiguin. It also showcases the colorful Lanzones Festival.

The video is part of the local government’s #FeelCamiguin campaign. It was launched just in time for the 38th Lanzones Festival, happening from October 22 to October 31.
“No Words” is produced by James de la Vega. It was written by Benson Logronio and directed by ER Alviz. J-mee Katanyag and Marco Augusto Simene co-star as tourist and tour guide. Simene is a Camiguin local and works at the accounting office of the provincial government. This is his acting debut.


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