NAIA-3, wear a helmet!

NAIA-3: An official says a large chunk of the ceiling at Manila’s new airport terminal collapsed but there have been no injuries or disruptions.

Airport manager Alfonso Cusi says a fiber cement board covering a ceiling beam at the arrival baggage area in the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3 fell down Wednesday for still unknown reasons.

Cusi says no passengers were around when the 23-foot by 3-foot (7-meter by 1-meter) board fell. He says the airport’s Japanese contractor has been told to immediately repair the ceiling.

It was the third such incident at the terminal, which currently services only domestic flights.

A larger section of the ceiling fell down in 2006, adding to delays to the terminal’s already late opening. And last month, just weeks after the terminal opened in July, another piece collapsed. No one was injured

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