Laguindingan airport has VOR

VOR Laguindingan

Laguindingan airport has now a VOR (VHF Omni Directional Radio Range). When we brought our 2 guests to Laguindingan airport last Saturday, We discovered the VOR antenna on the western side of the airport.

VOR Laguindingan

On March 25, we wrote that installation of electronic equipment is scheduled for second half of 2014. This seems now to be done and might even be accomplished before end of the year.  We also tried to check whether there is an ILS antenna, but could not see anything looking like such an equipment. We also couldn’t find any runway or taxiway lights.


Since July 2014, on the top of our office in Agoho, Camiguin, an ADS-B equipment scans the sky for transponder signals. The received information is then forwarded to

If you click on an aircraft near Camiguin you may see that the corresponding Radar is F-RPML1, this is our station.


With this simple equipment we “see” about 140 aircrafts per day flying over the Bohol sea.

ADS-B antennaADS-B receiver
The antenna on the roof of our office and the small receiver box.

Below you see today’s statistics. Time is in UTC, so it is 8 hours behind our position. The Polar Plot shows that our coverage is mostly oriented north-west. To the south the high volcano mountains of Camiguin block the signals. The Histogram shows the number of contacts by distance. The nearest contacts come from the daily Cebu Pacific flight to and from our local airport (CGM).

ADS-B statistics

For now, we see much more than the guys in Laguindingan tower  😛


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  1. Wow!!! Better than nothing, but is the VOR already in operation? And, in reduced visibility conditions or at night a VOR and even an ILS will not help much the if there are no runway lights! For my gusto runway lights should have been installed with a higher priority than the VOR.

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