Gasoline prices make the poor still poorer

This morning I had to take a taxi from Cagayan de Oro to the airport. The taxi driver did not want to put on the meter and asked for PHP 150. I refused because the usual fare is PHP 110 – 120. He finally agreed to put on the meter. The final fare was PHP 105.

During the trip he explained to me the problem of high gasoline prices. The liter is now at PHP 64 in Cagayan de Oro. The ride to the airport and back needs about 2 liters. If the taxi is empty on its way back to town, the driver looses about PHP 10.

The driver also told me that in the morning there are no passengers from the airport back to town. And he had to go back to town, otherwise he would make no business until 10:00am

I gave him PHP 140. A bit less than he had asked for, but more than the meter showed.

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