PAL tries to reorganize operations

PAL tries to reorganize operations by moving partially to NAIA-3 and starting the outsourced operations earlier than scheduled.

The flights which will be operated in NAIA Terminal-3 starting September 30 until further notice are:

PR281 MNL-CGY etd 0600h
PR282 CGY-MNL eta 0930h

PR291 MNL-DGT etd 0600h
PR292 DGT-MNL eta 0900h

PR321 MNL-KLO etd 0950h
PR322 KLO-MNL eta 1220h

PR133 MNL-BCD etd 1020h
PR134 BCD-MNL eta 1310h

PR393 MNL-TAC etd 1310h
PR394 TAC-MNL eta 1620h

PR177 MNL-TAG etd 1400h
PR178 TAG-MNL eta 1710h

PR325 MNL-KLO etd 1710h
PR326 KLO-MNL eta 1940h

PR197 MNL-PPS etd 1800h
PR198 PPS-MNL eta 2110h

All other PAL flights are operated from NAIA Terminal-2.

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