Mabuhay Maritime Express – PAL Group now swims

Mabuhay Maritime Express

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  1. Makatgo45 says:

    I share your doubts – taking a taxi immediately after your arrival in Kalibo, you pay about Peso 1’000.– for the trip one way (3 Pax). At the moment, the PAL-flight arrives at 09:40 from Manila to Kalibo. The new ferry leaves at 13:30. Hence, it does not seem to be too attractive to wait that long before one continues to Boracay.

    Of course, meanwhile, quite a lot of direct flights from China & Korea might arrive in time to connect with the ferry within a good transit time.

    Anyway, I belive that this again an investment which will peter out whithin short.

  2. Jarno says:

    You can not judge PAL for this step… Anyway, I think it’s a good investment to connect flight paths and waterways in the Philippines.
    In one booking 🙂

    In Bohol I heard of plans to build a new fastcraft port between Baclayon and Tagbilaran. The new international airport on Panglao Island was opened 4 months ago…

    My hope is to have international direct flights between Panglao and Honkong / Singapore / Kuala Lumpur / Bangkok with PAL (or 5J or why not AirAsia) in the near future.

    • waebi says:

      Please read again. I wrote about the pros and cons of this new ferry. And of course, it is my point of view.
      Up to now i have no information about a fastcraft port on Bohol’s southern coast, except the FastCat ramp in Jagna.
      Hope dies last – haha.
      Cheers, waebi

  3. Jarno says:

    sorry that was a missunderstanding. These were just my thoughts 🙂
    You did not judge anything, thanks for the post!
    The fastcraft port is probably just a rumor, but who knows what the future will bring…
    En Gruess us de Schwiiz, de Früehlig isch hüt erwacht 🙂

    • waebi says:

      It’s more fun in the Philippines.
      Ich wünsch euch en schöne Früehlig. Bi eus isch es scho 31°C.7
      Cheers, waebi

  4. Apryl Rose says:

    Hey you guys!

    Is there an online booking for MME? Been looking anywhere but still couldnt find any details.

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