PAL confuses customers

PAL in NAIA-2 and NAIA-3

PAL (Philippine Airlines) has moved parts of their operation from NAIA terminal 2 to NAIA terminal 3. 

PAL had for years been the only and exclusive user of NAIA terminal 2, the Centennial Terminal. 3 years ago, PAL split its operation into two companies: the mother PAL and the low cost daughter PALexpress. Then PALexpress got a new name: AirPhilExpress.
The two companies first operated both from NAIA terminal 2. Later parts of AirPhilExpress operation moved to NAIA terminal 3.

And now PAL and AirPhilExpress mix their operation completely between NAIA 2 and NAIA 3. For example, when you fly to Kalibo, the gateway airport to Boracay, you will have to be careful. If your flight number starts wit 2P, then you fly from NAIA-3. If it starts with PR, then you fly from NAIA-2.

This information had been broadcasted by radio and in some places in and around Manila’s NAIA airport you find this posters:

PAL in NAIA-2 and NAIA-3

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1 Response

  1. Rodney Faulkner says:

    Wow handy information, LOL Just when I thought I had worked out getting to and from NAIA-1 & 2 , I now need to work out getting to NAIA-3 .

    Not a problem as you have lots of handy information here for the lucky traveler to read

    One thing that I messed up on during my last visit was taking note of what check in counter to go to in NAIA-2 – They are only posted on a board out side the terminal and there is no information screens inside the terminal as to which check in counter, but not to worry – just ask the very helpful PAL ladys located at the centre of the check in counters.

    I must admit that the staff inside the terminals have always been very helpful, not always out side however.

    I learned from my 1st trip about not so helpful people, when I looked for the transfer Bus from T2 to t1 – No sir no bus, you need a taxi – Doh – the bus is there but It is just not easy to locate – Well it is when you take time to look, or read handy information located in this forum. Yes maybe I got taken for some Peso’s but in compared to my home city it was still cheap,

    My advise – Chill – do not panic – ASK for help from terminal staff – (uniforms and ID)

    Oh One more thing, poor NAIA-1 it gets a bad rap/review which are not all totally due – I think it has a lot to offer, and it suffers due to lack of information – Do not sit in the Hub, – there are some nice places to eat and shops at the end of the Singapore/Cathy wing – In the central hub – get a massage and eat up stairs but if you really like to relax, drink and eat get to the Manila Club – if you are lucky you may see a hostess, if not take the lift – yes this is also kind of hidden but you will find it

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