PAL confuses customers

PAL in NAIA-2 and NAIA-3

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  1. Rodney Faulkner says:

    Wow handy information, LOL Just when I thought I had worked out getting to and from NAIA-1 & 2 , I now need to work out getting to NAIA-3 .

    Not a problem as you have lots of handy information here for the lucky traveler to read

    One thing that I messed up on during my last visit was taking note of what check in counter to go to in NAIA-2 – They are only posted on a board out side the terminal and there is no information screens inside the terminal as to which check in counter, but not to worry – just ask the very helpful PAL ladys located at the centre of the check in counters.

    I must admit that the staff inside the terminals have always been very helpful, not always out side however.

    I learned from my 1st trip about not so helpful people, when I looked for the transfer Bus from T2 to t1 – No sir no bus, you need a taxi – Doh – the bus is there but It is just not easy to locate – Well it is when you take time to look, or read handy information located in this forum. Yes maybe I got taken for some Peso’s but in compared to my home city it was still cheap,

    My advise – Chill – do not panic – ASK for help from terminal staff – (uniforms and ID)

    Oh One more thing, poor NAIA-1 it gets a bad rap/review which are not all totally due – I think it has a lot to offer, and it suffers due to lack of information – Do not sit in the Hub, – there are some nice places to eat and shops at the end of the Singapore/Cathy wing – In the central hub – get a massage and eat up stairs but if you really like to relax, drink and eat get to the Manila Club – if you are lucky you may see a hostess, if not take the lift – yes this is also kind of hidden but you will find it

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