SMARTbro = SMARTmess

About two years ago I subscribed to SMARTbro post paid for 995 pesos per month. Until October last year I got my monthly bill by a guy who brought it to my house and paid the bill next day by bank transfer.

And then no more bills. I wrote SMART, but they did not answer – neither e-mail nor paper-mail seemed to arrive in their offices. A frustrating service to honest customers.

In December they started to call all our phone numbers at any time of the day and also of the night. The phone numbers were always incomplete, so we could not call back. 
If we could answer immediately, a stupid call center agent told  us to pay our bill. But we hadn’t a bill. How much? They could not tell us.

Now they cut our line! Excellent, outstanding service by SMART. Are they really smart?

SMART has our P.O. Box and street address, but they are not able to send a bill (anymore). And send a bill by text (SMS) to the SMARTbro stick? Unable managers, unable staff.

SMART seems to be another of those Philippine’s companies with a non-existent customer service and staff without training. Noynoying is doing its best to drown the nation. Doing nothing else than asking for money.

I get really angry about these monopoly companies in the Philippines. Customers are like cows and goats to get the milk of but service is a word that does not exist in the vocabulary of these companies.

I won’t file a complaint to feed lawyers but I’ll soon have lunch with Napoleon L. Nazareno, the SMART CEO in person. I am sure sure, we’ll find a solution.

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2 Responses

  1. Todd Barselow says:

    You wouldn’t by chance have Mr. Napoleon L. Nazareno’s email address or phone number would you? I’d love to send him an email or give him a call regarding the service I’ve received over the past 6 or 7 months after having been a loyal Smart Bro customer for more than 4 years. Try as I might, I have been unable to get customer service support to find a resolution to my issues and quite frankly, I’m sick of paying for a service that I’m unable to utilize. Any contact information you have for Mr. Nazareno would be greatly appreciated. You can email me @ Thanks so much!

  2. namma oipil says:

    Today, three years after nothing’s changed. Still the same scheme of providing internet charges without internet.

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