Taal Volcano Update from January 14, 2020 – Mixed Eruptions

Earthquakes Taal Volcano January 13
Accumulated Earthquakes Taal Volcano January 13

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  1. Martin says:

    Weiter so, sehr gute Berichterstattung!

  2. Emma says:

    Hi. I’m a filipino and I never thought of how very dangerous Taal really is. When it erupted on Jan 12. I became very interested in its geography and history so I read its eruption history on wikipedia to find out how this volcano behaves and to find proofs of my niece’s analysis that Taal could be a super volcano. I read a few findings and studies by different international agencies which is monitoring Taal.

    I never thought of this until my 11-year old niece explained to me of her analysis of this volcano. She has no clue on where Taal is nor has any data of it. She only based it on a hazard map which shows its geography. You can check her video via this youtube link:

    You’re right filipinos especially the ones living in Batangas has no clue of what Taal is capable of and that they are actually at the foot of the summit or the whole Batangas is actually a part of this volcano so they are very confused when and after it erupted.
    They do not even have disaster planning.

    I like your article because it is very easy to understand without any jargons. Technical terms explained by PHIVOLCS can not be understood by everyone so it is very confusing. But I guess they have a clue now.

    I agree that PHIVOLCS findings have many errors. May be because they lack the peoper equipment. I just hope they will not under estimate Taal’s capabilities.

    There were reports by residents that a part of Taal lake has started bubbling yesterday. Earthquakes are still there either tectonic or volcanic origin.

    And I read this article by a group of geologist divers, who discovered several vents on the ocean floor in between Mindoro and Luzon.

    • waebi says:

      Hi Emma,

      Thanks for your feedback and the link to the Youtube video.
      There are many hints, that Taal might be a super volcano. Especially the calderas are a strong hint.
      We are just now discussing this subject in a global group.
      I’ll be out of office until February 2. Afterwards, I’ll come back to your message and the video.

      Cheers, waebi

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