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NAIA-1 Dayrooms

NAIA-1 Dayrooms – failed again

NAIA-1 Dayrooms – Yesterday we got a message saying ‘kindly check our webpage https://dayroomnaiat1.wordpress.com‘. We were shocked! About a year ago we wrote that the NAIA-1 Dayrooms do have a severe communication problem. And...

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Sleep inside NAIA-1

Sleep inside NAIA-1? Yes you can! There are 12 (twelve) air-conditioned “day rooms” inside NAIA’s terminal-1 and nobody knows. Fortunately Philstar’s reporter Rudy Santos has good sources. Today he wrote an article about this almost unknown...

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Good news from NAIA

NAIA, Manila’s Ninoy Aquino International Airport, very often gets a bad press. But the guys at the airport try to do a good job. And sometimes they even are successful. We arrived last Saturday...

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Visit NAIA-1 before it collapses completely

A portion of a parapet wall at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (Terminal 1) fell on the tarmac Thursday afternoon. According to the Manila International Airport Authority’s (MIAA) media affairs division, the parapet wall...

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