Sleep inside NAIA-1

NAIA-1 day-room

Sleep inside NAIA-1? Yes you can! There are 12 (twelve) air-conditioned “day rooms” inside NAIA’s terminal-1 and nobody knows.

Fortunately Philstar’s reporter  has good sources. Today he wrote an article about this almost unknown service.

The rooms are located on the fourth floor of Terminal 1 right beside the Sampaguita lounge. The Sampaguita lounge is currently beeing overhauled.  These “day rooms” can be rented for P840 ($19) each for 24 hours. Each room, measuring 3×3 meters, has air-condition, a private toilet and shower.

This new sleeping facilities opened on Sept. 5 last year, but nobody noticed it.

NAIA-1 day-room
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