NAIA-1 Dayrooms – failed again

NAIA-1 Dayrooms

NAIA-1 Dayrooms – Yesterday we got a message saying ‘kindly check our webpage‘. We were shocked! About a year ago we wrote that the NAIA-1 Dayrooms do have a severe communication problem. And now, a year later, the communication problem got even worse.

Cheap Charlie

A .com domain costs from PHP 600 per year and hosting of a small website starts at PHP 1,200. So for less than 2,000 Pesos per year you can have your professional World Wide Web presence. But what the NAIA-1 Dayrooms people made was getting a free domain, a free web-space and a free e-mail address.

The “WordPress” design of the website looks about the same as my 9 years old nephew’s first attempt.

Some questions:

  • Does a potential customer want to see an entrance door?
  • Why did they choose a blog layout?
  • Will there be weekly updates? Why?
  • Why is there so much white empty space and so few information?
  • Why is there a search field? There is no content to search in.
  • Where are these NAIA-1 Dayrooms?
  • How much do they cost?
 NAIA-1 Dayrooms

But worse. Read the first section:

it is DEFINE AS: a sleeping facility provided by the MIAA Authority as a temporary lodging for excluded (deportee and inadmissible) transit, and regular passengers (paxs)- these are categories of passengers who may check-in at Dayroom.

OMG! The rooms are primary for excluded and inadmissible people which are to be deported and only then come regular transit passengers. Nice community to sleep next door of you! It really seems that the NAIA-1 Dayrooms are rather an annex of the Bureau of Immigration than a friendly facility for transit passengers who need a shower or a nap or both.

We definitely do not recommend to sleep in  NAIA-1 Dayrooms

The Wings Lounge in NAIA-3 shows how it should be done. A neat website, an informative facebook page and even rather good reviews on TripAdvisor.


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