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Too Slow! Typhoon KOPPU/Lando 0

Too slow! Typhoon KOPPU/Lando creeps over land

Too slow! Typhoon KOPPU/Lando moves only very slowly northwest. Forward speeds are between 3 and 9 km/h! The Typhoon continues to bring heavy rainfall and very strong winds to northern Luzon provinces. I happens only...

Weather 2015-10-18 0

Landfall over Casiguran – Aurora

Super Typhoon KOPPU/Lando has made Landfall between Baler and Casiguran in Aurora province around 01:00 a.m. this morning. Cyclonic winds had previously reached speeds of over 200 km/h. Forward speed has completely broken down and is only...

Weather 2015-10-17 0

Typhoon KOPPU/Lando now Category 3

Typhoon KOPPU/Lando gained strength and is now a Typhoon Category 3. The cyclone has slowly approached the Philippines and is now 285 km East of Baler, Aurora. It moves westward at 10 km/h. The...

Weather 2015-10-16 0

Typhoon KOPPU/Lando brings first heavy rains

Typhoon KOPPU/Lando brings the first heavy rains to the Philippines. Winds on the north-east coast are now stronger than 30 knots (55 km/h). Big danger of landslides all over northern Luzon. Cyclone KOPPU/Lando has...

Weather 2015-10-14 0

Cyclones KOPPU and CHAMPI moving west

The two Cyclones KOPPU and CHAMPI have both been upgraded to Tropical Storms. KOPPU/Lando is moving fast at 25 k/h while CHAMPI still hovers at 15 km/h. Both cyclones move west towards the Philippines. The two...

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Red Alert – Typhoon KOPPU/Lando approaching

Red Alert – Typhoon KOPPU/Lando is approaching. The Tropical Depression is not yet a typhoon and we still have enough time to prepare. GDACS issues Red Alert for the Philippines. The typhoon will hit...

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