Red Alert – Typhoon KOPPU/Lando approaching

Typhoon Alert

Red Alert – Typhoon KOPPU/Lando is approaching. The Tropical Depression is not yet a typhoon and we still have enough time to prepare. GDACS issues Red Alert for the Philippines. The typhoon will hit Luzon early next Sunday.

A few minutes ago we got a red typhoon alert from GDACS. The Tropical Depression we reported this morning seems to be a straight runner and will only bend slightly northwards. All agencies predict a Typhoon Cat.4 The JTWC had already traced a forecast track towards Luzon this morning. JMA has joined with wide probability circle going from Bicol up to Cagayan Valley.

100 hours left

All agencies forecast landfall in northern Luzon in the night from Saturday to Sunday. There is still enough time now. Inform your relatives in the eastern provinces of northern Luzon.

 GDACS-2015-10-13  GDACS-2015-10-13

Unsecurity on Red Alert – Typhoon KOPPU/Lando

The coming typhoon is still unstable. It may still change direction and intensity. The probability circles of JTWC and JMA are still very large. This time the US-Navy led JTWC and the Japanese JMA forecasts are almost the same. The Japanese are slightly more south.

 Weather 2015-10-13 JTWC Weather 2015-10-13 JMA
 Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC) – click to enlarge  Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) – click to enlarge

From tomorrow morning, we’ll report the usual current storm data and the forecasts from different agencies. You may follow us here and here.  Good night for now.


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